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legacy of the greensboro four

“If they can do it in Greensboro, we too can do it.” By March, the activism had spread like wildfire to 55 cities in 13 states.The campaign grew and transformed into a general movement organized and driven by students in large part through the leadership of Ella Baker.

“We have too little activism that is geared toward systematic investigation—of knowing the issues and then organizing a plan to change the issues from A to B and B to C. There is a sort of demand of having immediate change, which is why so many people like violence and maintain that the power of violence is the power of change. Which is his legacy which was he and three other 18 year old boys decided that they were going to be courageous and go do something here in Greensboro by sitting down in a simple lunch counter," Frank McCain said.Celebrations will continue on Saturday at a gala hosted by the International Civil Rights Center and Museum. They stayed at the counter until the store closed that day. ”Greensboro became the message,” Lewis says in the film. She sat down next to him and looked at the four students and told them she was disappointed in them. An older black Woolworth's employee, probably worried about her job or maybe their safety, came out of the kitchen and suggested the students should follow the rules. “We have too much social activism in the United States that is activism for the sake of activism.” He continues. They knew, as all blacks in the South did, that stepping over that line might get them arrested, beaten or even killed.The four were all the same age that the young It took a few moments for anyone to notice, but the change within the freshmen was immediate. Like us on Facebook to see similar storiesPlease give an overall site rating: On the one hand there were the signs and the policies that stigmatized African Americans.

The weather had been warm recently but had dropped back into the mid-50s, and the four North Carolina A&T students were comfortable in their coats and ties in the cool brisk air as they stepped across the threshold of the department store. Because of her group’s unrelated strategizing and planning, they were able to quickly respond and organize sit-ins of their own in Nashville beginning on February 13. “They’ve had a lifetime to do something,” McCain remembered, but he and his close friends felt they had seen little change, so they were indifferent to the reprimand and suggestion not to cause any trouble. Nash maintains the biggest effect of this campaign was the change it produced in the activists themselves, who began to understand their own power and the power of nonviolent direct action.

The work to repair those cracks must be the constant work of citizens.

Nash said she was surprised and overjoyed when she heard that the Greensboro Four had taken action. At the Woolworth's lunch counter in Greensboro on July 25, 1960, African American kitchen workers Geneva Tisdale, Susie Morrison and Aretha Jones removed their Woolworth's aprons and became the first African Americans to be served. “If you are not doing your part,” she says, “eventually someone is going to have to do their part, plus yours.”Lawson agrees.

And it’s not, it’s never been.”Sixty years later, the activists still believe nonviolent action is the key to a better future and that the future is in our hands. The activists begged to differ as they pulled out their receipts and told her they disagreed with her. Next, the store manager, The last person to approach the Greensboro Four on that first day was an elderly white lady, who rose from her seat in the counter area and walked over toward McCain. Like many times before, They had stayed up most of Sunday night talking, but as they walked toward the social centerpiece of the Woolworth's store, its ubiquitous lunch counter, fatigue was replaced by the rush of adrenaline. Segregation would not become illegal until the passage of the 1964 Civil Rights Act, but Nash said it ceased to exist in 1960 everywhere blacks decided that “we were not segregatable” any longer.Six decades later, we often remember the work of the activists as we do many great moments of history. Journalist Roland S. Martin served as the keynote speaker.Surviving members, Jibreel Khazan and Joseph McNeil, help to lay the memorial wreath at "The A&T Four" Statue. “People take on religion to try to get that feeling,” McCain said.One essential ingredient was publicity. “It was more like a church service” than a five-and-dime store, according to McCain. On Friday, hundreds of Aggie students, alumnae, politicians and community members attended the annual "Sit-In Celebration Breakfast."

In 1957 she moved to Atlanta to help lead Martin Luther King’s Southern Christian Leadership Conference (SCLC). Khazan says he tried to regulate his breathing as he felt his temperature increase; his shirt collar and his skinny, striped tie stiffen around his neck.They could smell the familiar aroma of ham or egg salad sandwiches. Students from A & T, Bennett College and Dudley High School joined the movement, as well as a few white students from the Woman’s College of the University of North Carolina (now University of North Carolina at Greensboro). The voices of patrons were hushed with just the clink of silverware audible as the four sat in silence. Company rules or hiring practices meant blacks couldn’t be in most visible positions or often fill anything but menial jobs.

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