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locating the epicenter of an earthquake lab answers

When scientists find the focus, they can easily find the epicenter. If you were a seismologist, you receive data from all across the country. 0000016384 00000 n <> 0000013909 00000 n Describe it. x��io7���~��x8C�^�I��"鶍�`�.��4��8[G�����C�Dy�E+g$�|�{��nNOί���͗�)R�O�2K�L�2ϓ�7�`�?>�b�9=Ił�U��?NO>O~���[;=�&��g�D�>U�ߧڼΪ���~��������-]����2�d����!pP��!����#�6�|��J쯈�(y٣ʫ�� 2t�*�l�95N����4KT��gi��G73���Q8����Ry���u&��Ek�gn�����/:K,�;J�F1m� �Gx���|%�n�{\p�/�w�.�g������{��5l�W�Փ�T �O�d���w3 h�����hVs�^|��������֖�+-i��ʠ���>An�%������'�| ��Љ���~H�� ���y����?u�1�u�l[|�ƬX�D�>p��u�(S���&2F �Y�uJ�S�ERe��5�-u.֋�'�RL��[��`c �d!�=ܡf�����:�d� 6����&#�����0�Ӥ��Z4=�eozd��q�Y��5��m�C�X�mw�6��JJ9nk NC 2 C. Nest, Find Che Carthquake's Epicenier On The Map Bclow Wing The Dutances Jusr Obrtained 1. <> I created this 0000000016 00000 n

31 24 Displaying all worksheets related to - Finding An Epicenter. LAB: Locating An Epicenter Background: Geologists who study earthquakes are called seismologist. 0000001365 00000 n At least 3 earthquake recording stations are required to find the location of the earthquake epicenter. <> The magnitude of an earthquake is an estimate of the total amount of energy released during fault rupture. 0000013538 00000 n Learn vocabulary, terms, and more with flashcards, games, and other study tools.

endobj < 3 0 obj Finding An Epicenter. 0000011011 00000 n Earthquakes Living Lab: Finding Epicenters and Measuring Magnitudes Activity—Worksheet 4 12. %PDF-1.5 This lab exercise will compare and contrast two distinctly different methods for calculating the distance to an epicenter. %PDF-1.4 %���� 0000015409 00000 n 0000018395 00000 n 0000012221 00000 n The first method assumes that earthquake waves travel at constant speed (no speeding up nor slowing down), and uses a mathematical formula to determine velocity, distance, or time, for four earthquake recording stations located in the western United States. endobj 0000014296 00000 n 0000000776 00000 n 1 0 obj 0000017200 00000 n %���� The okay book, fiction, history, novel, scientific 0000004887 00000 n 0000014139 00000 n 0000005685 00000 n 0000010025 00000 n This is a combination pack made up of two of my best labs for use during a plate tectonics/ earthquake unit. 0000001334 00000 n Worksheets are Finding epicenters and measuring magnitudes work, Locating the epicenter of an earthquake, Regents earth science name plotting epicenter work, Finding the epicenter, Lecture 3 activity locating an earthquake epicenter, Skill 28 c finding an earthquake epicenter, Earth science regents, Example answers. 4^��: �k?uk�?�]�D�����dRW�I�_��ebLQIZ#Y���/�~�Gm)^���C�_���,���1�������uL2�H��`q�q����� ICl�����6ߦ�p7�u��P)`�Hܢ�m����������zBa��M+��e�+Z`������v�D �u�J8\]��\�I����ڢoV@; � The focus of an earthquake determines the location of the epicenter. What is the “magnitude” of an earthquake?

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