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Malden Parochial CofE Primary School Catchment Area Map This pupil heat map shows where pupils currently attending the school live. Two choirs. Schoolsmith.

Outstanding Liberty Woodland School (0.2mi.) Representative teams in major sports from Year 3.Art and music are taught as discrete subjects to all pupils.
Percentage of pupils achieving at a higher standard in 2017-2019 Percentage of pupils meeting the expected standard in 2017-2019 There are also some visual and performing arts clubs.Rated as Outstanding by Ofsted in its last full inspection in 2007. Mr Toby Blood. Please Malden Parochial CofE Primary School (0.2mi.) We plan to re-open it soon. However, a change in progress banding, for example from 'average' to 'above average', does indicate a change in performance. It typically takes 1 to 2 months, and can take longer in some circumstances, for Ofsted data to be made available and updated here following an inspection. All comments are moderated so may not appear immediately. Average score in reading for 2017-2019 Outstanding Malden Manor Primary and Nursery School (0.2mi.)
Review of Malden Parochial C of E Primary School. (1.8 to 6.4) Open help text for Reading progress score for Malden Parochial CofE Primary School (2017)) More score details (-0.5 to 3.9) Open help text for Reading progress score for Malden Parochial CofE Primary School (2018)) More score details (-0.1 to 3) Average % of pupils meeting the expected standard in 2017-2019 Any data collected is anonymised.

Open help text for Maths progress score for Malden Parochial CofE Primary School (2019)) More score details. Listings of Primary Schools (Key Stage 2) in Southampton and the surrounding area. 0.8 miles Burlington Infant and Nursery School Primary school 4 - 7 years. 1-0 W vs Grand Avenue. Practice Writing Task Activity Mat Pack; Year 6 Grammar Punctuation and Spelling Assessment 2019. DT, drama, dance integrated into other subjects. SATS Survival Year 6 Reading 6 Revision Activity Mat Pack; SPAG Mats Spring 2; Writing tasks. Paper 1 - Spelling and Grammer; Paper 2 - English Grammar, Punctuation and Spelling; Year 6 Grammar SPaG and Reading Assessment 2019; Maths. SATS Survival Year 6 Reading 6 Revision Activity Mat Pack; SPAG Mats Spring 2; Writing tasks. Schools must open for 195 days each year. For parents choosing a school for their children. One of the 5 most oversubscribed state primaries for first preference admissions in the Kingston upon Thames LEA.On average, 29.4 pupils per class and 23.5 pupils per teacher, from Year 1.In the top 21% of schools in the country for attainment in Year 6 SATS exams, over the last 4 years.School enhances the curriculum with topic based and thematic teaching for some foundation subjects, emphasising Christian social morality.In the top 28% of schools in the country for pupil progress, over the last 4 years.School curriculum also includes PSHE, French.

Bring on next year’s competition! Religious Orientation: No. What to look for. By continuing to use this site, you agree to our use of cookies. and 2 National Curriculum in England –Appendix 1 for Year 5 & 6’are consistently applied, including: 1. most prefixes and suffixes are used correctly (un-, dis-, re-, ly) 2. most common homophones e.g. Click to expand 0-0 D vs St Paul’s. Schoolsmith. Malden Catholic High School (0.6 miles) 99 Crystal St Malden, MA 02148 Regular Elementary or Secondary School Grade: Grade 9 to Grade 12. They are open to pupils for 190 days and provide training to staff on the other 5 days. The Holy Cross School Secondary school 11 - 18 years.

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