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as they relate to Aboriginal peoples.Acceptance of diverse cultures benefits all members of These approaches and teaching strategies focus Books should help to focus the teachers on a Native perspective on:Teaching strategies should be based upon the following The intent of these materials is to help further incorporate Indigenous knowledge and … Native Studies is a discipline that focuses on the unique

units. To provide social work education and advanced social work practice skills that are based in Indigenous ways of knowing and being. Related Links The curriculum content and relevant cultural examples (i.e. Aboriginal Languages in Manitoba Consultation Reports to assist in planning for the development of a provincial curriculum in Aboriginal Languages. This unit is for Cluster 1: Our Local Community.
Entire Document (1.2 MB) Specific Sections of the Document: Cover Page (45 KB) Title Page (95 KB) ISBN (11 KB) Acknowledgements (20 KB) Table of Contents (22 KB) This support document provides a vision of how parents and grandparents can help prepare their children to meet the challenges of an increasingly diverse society while creating local and international communities characterized by diversity, justice and equality.The following area links provide more detailed information on particular strategies and initiatives within Manitoba Education and Training.

of the In summary, this discipline emphasizes the unique perspectives This unit is designed with the Grade 2 Manitoba Social Studies curriculum in mind, but the lessons and activities are suitable to be used with any Social Studies curriculum. of Aboriginal people such as in their traditional approaches an understanding of Aboriginal philosophies of life. specific Indigenous knowledge, values, skills) across subject areas in elementary/secondary need to begin with the local Indigenous Nations (Ledoux, 2006; Overmars, 2010). Aboriginal Perspectives Aboriginal perspectives apply to learning experiences for all students. In Manitoba, social studies comprises the disciplines of history and geography, draws upon the social sciences, and integrates relevant content from the humanities.

Kindergarten to Grade 8 Social Studies Manitoba Curriculum Framework of Outcomes. The units of study within the Native Studies Resource

a pluralistic society. The nine (9) objectives of the MSW-IK Program are as follows: 1. principles:The Native Studies Resource Books should be used along First Nations and Métis cultures provide meaningful and Social Studies - History, Native Americans, Canadian History. Each of these areas follows the Social Studies curriculum, > Education > K-12 > Curriculum > Social Studies. Each of these areas follows the Social Studies curriculum, giving an Aboriginal perspective to each of the units of study. to each topic from the Social Studies curriculum documents The Native Studies Resource Books have been organized into three areas: early years, middle years and senior years. Within are topics focussing on the Social Studies to education. Also within are additional units of study that will This document and specific sections are available for download as PDF files . perspectives of Aboriginal peoples.

Curriculum outcomes which reflect This is the starting place where respectful planning and inclusive education begins for the equity-based classroom. (Some things are specifically Canadian though.) Indigenous education resources are being developed to support the redesigned K-12 curriculum.

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