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To make any sort of case that Moseley deserved MVP consideration over any of the league’s quarterbacks, we have to start by proving that Moseley was way better than the league’s other kickers. He sold that outfit in 1998 and opened a restaurant, Moseley’s Burgers, in suburban Herndon, Va. (“Always liked burgers,” he says.) If the league moves to 18 games, it will only become harder for a kicker to stay perfect and easier for a quarterback or running back to approach record-setting cumulative milestones.It would take some sort of freakishly high-leverage season — a year when some near-perfect kicker wins eight games with last-second kicks — for a kicker’s name to ever again come up in the discussion. Outside of perhaps Kurt Warner in 1999, it’s hard to find an MVP who would have had longer odds when the season began than Moseley in 1982. He had made three straight Pro Bowls and held the (entirely arbitrary) Fouts would have been the right choice. Aber ich habe keine. Weil Rookie Dan Miller jedoch floppte, sprang Moseley ein und zeigte gleich im ersten Spiel eine starke Leistung. Thirteen awardees also won the Super Bowl (or NFL Championship Game prior to 1966) in the same season. The league’s highest-paid kicker came into the season on shaky ground. You have to give Moseley credit for the clutch kicks he hit, but how much credit for winning close games should go to the Washington defense?There’s one other thing a kicker usually does in the NFL: kickoffs. Washington kicker Mark Moseley didn’t just pick up a stray MVP vote from a misguided writer. There are a few gamebooks floating around, and we know how long each successful field goal traveled because it appears in the box score, but there isn’t much public information available about the misses. It’s fair to say the typical quarterback is far more valuable than the typical kicker, right? Stories and arguments at the time seemed to ignore them; one quote in the Those missed extra points eliminate much of Moseley’s advantage in field goal accuracy.

Mark Moseley, NFL MVP Placekicker for the Washington Redskins, is grateful for the incredible opportunities that have led him to where he is today. He won the damn award. So war er es, der mit einem 48-Yard-Field-Goal den Ausgleich im vierten Viertel erzielte, um sein Team in der Overtime später sogar zum Sieg zu kicken.Ab dem dritten Spieltag der durch einen Streik auf neun Wochen gekürzten Saison zog sich ein Schema wie ein roter Faden durch die Saison der Redskins: Das Team um Quarterback Joe Theismann brachte Moseley zwar immer wieder in Field-Goal-Range, verpasste es aber häufig, Touchdowns zu erzielen. Die Redskins sind in Ballbesitz, der Ball ruht an der Line of Scrimmage, direkt dahinter steht Mark Moseley, selbst für damalige Verhältnisse ungewöhnlich, in einer Linie hinter dem Holder und dem Snapper. But the idea of a kicker being literally the most valuable football player in the NFL seems downright insane in 2015.

Moseley even said as much after being awarded the honor. Vielleicht auch, weil das Thema Kicker als MVP bereits abgehakt war. And yet, in 1982, something really weird happened. A kicker. Even as he produced a nearly perfect season on field goals, Moseley missed three of his 19 extra point attempts during the regular season. Marcus Allen (who led the league in rushing touchdowns), Joe Theismann, It’s not Moseley’s fault, of course.

Mehr Themen. After making his first Pro Bowl in 1979, Moseley’s performance was brutally bad in 1980 and 1981; he hit just 37 of his 63 attempts (58.7 percent). Moseley had been struggling mightily before the season, and while there may have been some injuries affecting his play, it seems notable that he followed his incredible regular season by missing four of his eight field goal attempts in the postseason. Alleine der 12:7-Sieg in der Regular Season gegen St. Louis war symptomatisch: Die zwölf Punkte entstanden durch vier Field Goals - alle von Moseley getreten.Zwar lief nicht alles perfekt in der Saison, was die Quote von 16 aus 19 Extra-Punkten beweist, in einer kurzen Spielzeit trumpfte Moseley dennoch groß auf. That’s only part of a placekicker’s job, though, and in the other aspects of the role, Moseley was well below average.That starts with extra points. Mark DeWayne Moseley (born March 12, 1948) is a former professional His average of 129.0 receiving yards per game that season is still the best in league history among guys who played eight games or more. Moseley’s argument above (which echoes the MVP stories that were going around, per newspaper archives) fairly suggests that his field goals were critical to the victories, so it also seems reasonable to include the extra points as black marks on his record. Die Auszeichnung wird jährlich durch die amerikanische Sportpresse vorgenommen. It’s far easier to put together a nearly perfect season over nine games than it is over a full 16-game campaign. The 34-year-old set an NFL record by hitting 23 consecutive field goals, nearly going the entire season without missing.

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