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meet the press may 17, 2020

So really you need to know the story. And they may have to go quite a distance to get the care they might need if they get sick from COVID. Looking at it that way, what does that tell you where we are when it comes to this virus?Well, I think overall the good news for the country is that the overall top line numbers are trending down on average over the country. He was 74. But the infrastructure is just not there. But let me start, Kristen Welker, with you. Hotels and accommodations lost about 839,000 positions. The lack of focus, the lack of being able to make this work. Much appreciated.And joining me now from Maryville, Tennessee is Senator Lamar Alexander. The president also chose to not wear a mask at a mask-producing factory because, the AP reported, he believes it would send the message that he is more concerned with health than with the economy. It's not only an illness. Is that timeline too optimistic?

Chuck, what's amazing in this time of the pandemic is how many conspiracies -- we were talking about 5G three weeks ago. And you took care of the entire graduating class' student loans. ... this is Meet the Press with Chuck Todd. Let me play for you, first, the accusation, then the secretary's walk back.The Chinese government hasn't permitted American scientists to go into China, to go into not only the Wuhan lab, but wherever it needs to go to learn about this virus, to learn about its origins. What mattered more to Mitch McConnell: Jay Powell's comments or Nancy Pelosi's ability to pass her $3 trillion package?I mean, Congress is nowhere on a package. Retail lost 71,000 positions because of the job losses in leisure and hospitality. And somehow I became part quartermaster and supply clerk. That's what we need to start planning for. But he’s the attorney general. He's also in some ways leaning and not listening to the scientists, saying, "Hey, you really need to slow down and be cautious about reopening." At the same point, if you actually go and challenge that conspiracy, sometimes it can draw more attention to it, it can draw more evaluation. Gentlemen, welcome to Meet the Press. And that is all of a sudden you have a whole bunch of fringe groups pick up on the spark. Because the other part of this is, this is odd. Panel is next.Welcome back. Be able to really ramp up a testing and contact tracing program.

And the president is playing up the political divide, as partisan fights break out over when and how to reopen.

I assume that Barr thinks he did the right thing. And what we did with ventilators was basically get a situation now where by June, we're going to have over 100,000 of them. From sweet rom-coms to soapy thrillers, these are the YA movies to watch I don't want to see us going back to the same position where we were where we have under-banked and these banking deserts in these communities.We are at the one, basically about the one-year anniversary, when you were the commencement speaker at Morehouse. All this at a time the United States is diminished and we are distracted. And even if numbers are small in those places they have to be very vigilant because they may not have a hospital that's in close reach or ventilators in nearby areas. One would imagine that any loosening of restrictions there is only going to accelerate the growth of the virus. Tom Brokaw has been diagnosed with cancer, NBC News announced Tuesday. The fact that the White House is essentially urging the country to reopen, cities and states, and yet, those same cities and states do not have the same level of testing that exists at the White House. SUBSCRIBE. But I've got to ask you this question, you did a pandemic exercise.

It's a delicate balance in the media and with the social media companies about how to police this sort of information. Because he's actually retreated at times from Obama fights.Yeah, no. One is, a lot of people are going to criticize us for covering this, because they're going to argue that we're amplifying or bringing attention to these conspiracies. And so, there's a lot of discussion about how many more officials may need to be in quarantine. NBC News White House Correspondent Kristen Welker, Richard Haass, president of the Council on Foreign Relations and author of the new book, “The World: A Brief Introduction." Imagine if you had a brand new car that could go 100 miles an hour and you ran it nonstop for six weeks, 24 hours a day. But I thought the most interesting thing said this morning that sums up the moment we're in, was from one of your doctors at the beginning who said, "Where are we? And you know, why wouldn't he? It makes you want to start to engage in these conspiracies. And I think it’s not a good message to send to the public that we can control this virus in a meaningful way. We should have looked at both and checked for a full transcript. But there's this book and this movie that circulated online.

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