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CBS Sports is a registered trademark of CBS Broadcasting Inc. We ran the campus.”“Indiana was definitely lit. I was always taking pictures with people, I never turned down a picture. Wherever you go people knew who you were. He [Turgeon] said go to the basket, but you know me I was like ‘nah I’m gonna shoot a three.’” © 2005-2020 CBS INTERACTIVE ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. He delivered his best year, also assumed the leadership role of a young team, and helped lead the Terps to their third consecutive NCAA tournament appearance. They think freshman year I averaged 17, the next year I have to average 20. Sometimes it was cool, sometimes it wasn’t. This year he's had to be more of a leader, which is not a natural thing for him to do. I was doing whatever.”He continued to talk about how he appreciated the freedom that Turgeon gave him.“He definitely let me do me. Like come on now, that’s the whole team right there with everybody scoring. Going around campus everybody knowing me, that was love. After Melo Trimble’s sensational freshman season at Maryland, the biggest question surrounding the program was whether he would stay in College Park or enter the NBA Draft. When I started playing the one, I had a crazy summer my 16U year with Assault and he offered me. Freshman year I didn’t pass at all.

We went on a little win streak and beat Wisconsin. His solid season convinced Trimble he was ready to declare for the Draft. ""One of the cons about it was just everyone wants you to play perfect every game.

DC Assault and Team Takeover, those are top two organizations right there that play throughout the country.

Trimble put his name in the 2016 NBA Draft pool, but after getting mostly less than ideal feedback, he made the mature decision to return to school. I committed midseason my junior year, like December. But definitely the Iowa State game, that's when I knew I was all right. We’ve been cool since then. Just to be in this situation, it felt good.”“I feel freshman year was a different team than my sophomore and junior year, and people don’t understand that. When I got there it was us three and then you have Dez and all those guys there. Out of nowhere I came out against Iowa State and Arizona State actually.” “I was a big name on campus and all of that.

He was there at a game against St. John's and he started hitting me up. I didn’t understand why people felt I had to be great, I mean I had to be great, but like another level from the year before as far as points-wise. I’m the type of person where if I don’t know you, I’m not going to say too much.”“Then I got to school and we started to bond more. His family was there and we won the little tournament and I’m the PG, he’s the coach and we started talking. We had to get through it together.”“It's crazy with Turgeon, he wasn’t even trying to recruit me when I was in high school because I was playing the two. Montakit Fuenlabrada; Position: Point guard: League: Liga ACB: Personal information; Born February 2, 1995 (age 25) Washington, D.C. I knew I was shooting the three. “The best thing about Melo, besides being a winner, is he's a great kid,” Mark Turgeon said. He's humble. Freshman point guard Melo Trimble plans to return to Maryland for his sophomore season, according to 247 Sports. He’ll be missed by his former coach. Melo Trimble; Trimble in the 2014 McDonald's All-American Game. I heard Turgeon saying ‘drive’ but I was not.”Trimble continued to talk about his last game in College Park when he hit a buzzer beater to beat Michigan State. After the Wisconsin game that was it. I’m looking at film, I didn’t play no defense and I didn’t pass and I swear I don’t remember him ever telling me, ‘You ain’t pass here, you ain’t do this.’ It looks terrible watching it, watching myself, but thinking back on it, he probably didn’t say anything because I was already cooking [offensively].”“That was my first real game winner as a college player.

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