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The male flowers past the female willFlowers do not open when they are stressed. Mulch around the plants with straw or chopped leaves to slow soil moisture evaporation.Thank you. its weird because the rest of the plant looks fine, even the growth beyond the brown vine – but it all slowly dies. My watermelons starts coming.. small like a grape than a few days lat we they began to turn yellow and die.. the watermelons are in buckets on a shelf where the veins grow to the ground.. why are the watermelon dininIn a greenhouse setting, the likely reason your watermelons are not maturing is either lack of or insufficient pollination.

A second, but less likely cause would be the fruit growth inhibited by an immovable object–a post, or it possible to use saltwater in the watermelon plantation ?No the salt in saltwater will block the uptake of potassium into the plant; potassium is a basic plant nutrient.The underneath of my watermelon has not turned at all and it’s now been 47 days after pollination! We do not have that problem with other varieties. A pollinating insect must visit both the male and female flower to deliver pollen. I recently talked with a person who has tried to grow commercially Black Diamond and experience the same problem. I have no idea whats causing this – i don’t see any bugs, the soil looks fine, it has plenty of nutrients, sun and humidity. Spray-mist the leaves with compost tea. Check to be sure there was not a mix up with seeds. The caterpillars can be controlled with insecticidal soap, neem oil, and horticultural oil, or dust the plants with sulfur. Remove infested leaves and the whole plant if infestation is serious. Thanks for any help!Watermelons require a long, very warm growing season–100 days of temperatures in the high 70s to low 90sF. It is likely one of these causes has affected your melon.How we can find that when we will rubing that it is a male or female .the flower are same and same plant.The female flower will have a little bulge at the base of the flower–that is a very immature fruit. To prevent sunsclad promote lots of leaf growth or enclose exposed fruit in a brown paper bag.I planted too many cantaloupes and watermelons in one bed. Do you know what would cause the white flesh? Very hot temperatures can cause plants to stall and stress.Hi, I tried to grow sugar babies this year but we’ve had problems with them not tasting right. If the rotting started at the blossom end, it could be blossom end rot that progressed to the center of the melon. Can my watermelon fruit survive this? Any suggestions?Watermelon flowers can die for a few reasons (the same goes for the small melon): (1) inconsistent moisture; keep the soil evenly moist; do not let it go dry; (2) insufficient pollination; the flowers were not fully pollinated and so they aborted; you can hand pollinate; (3) temperatures too high–temperatures over 87F can cause plant stress; to survive the plant will abort flowers and fruit. Some show signs of getting lighter on the bottom side.

Make sure the plants do not get colder than 70F day and night. There are several natural reasons cantaloupe blossoms drop: (1) nighttime temperatures are still too chilly–cover the plants with a row cover at night; (2) too much or too little water–keep the soil just moist; (3) too much nitrogen in the soil–don’t add fertilizer for at least 4 weeks then use 5-10-10; (4) all of the above is not a factor, but bees are not visiting the flowers and so unpollinated flowers drop.The fruits should be rot or boss eyed which pesticide should I use plzz tell me I will be very thankful to youInsecticidal soap is a light pesticide that will kill insects on contact. I thought that only a few will come out but all germinated. This will give the melons room for root growth in good soil. I now have wilted leaves and want to know what to do.

I see some females start to grow but they never flower and then just fall off .

The melon vines will creep off the mound then you can train them in a circle around the mound. Mosaic virus will leave the fruits with a bitter taste — you will not want to eat them.What causes a very fine worm to live in rockmelons and what are theyAre the worms attacking the vine or the fruit?

ThanksMulch should slow soil moisture evaporation. The plants are growing and look incredibly healthy with some flowers, but no fruit.TShield the plants from mid-day sun; when temperatures moderate they will bloom and continue growing; your growing season may be long enough to get ripe melons in autumn.Avoid moving the vine. Thanks for your help!If the interior flesh of your watermelon is all white then you may simply have planted a white-fleshed watermelon seed, for example ‘White Wonder’ is a solid white flesh watermelon. What can I do to rectify this and grow melons before the season ends?

Will it recover?If the water and nutrient conducting capillaries in the stem broke, the length beyond the break will die.

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