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Kemudian untuk kata Jamak dari kata “Yaum” ini ialah kata”Ayyam” yang mempunyai arti “hari-hari”.Dimana kata ‘yaum”dalam ilmu shafy, masih tergolong dalam salah satu kategori “Ajwaf”, yakni merupakan semua kata yang mana penyusunannya terdiri dari tiga huruf, yang mana pada huruf tengahnya merupakan bagian dari huruf-huruf mad tabi’ie.Dalam bahasa arab kata milad ini merupakan isim masdar atau merupakan sebuah kata dasar yang masih diketegorikan ke dalam mistal.Apabila kata Milad disandarkan pada kata “Yaum” maka akan membentuk sebuah kata keterangan yakni merupakan sebuah kata yang menjelaskan mengenai kata dimana kata tersebut bersandar, sebab apabila hanya cuma kata yaum saja maka tentunya tidak akan menjadi sesuatu hal yang mudah dimengerti, namun apabila diberi tambahan dengan kata Milad, maka kata tersebut akan menjelasakan suatu keterangan bahwa kata tersebut merupakan hari kelahiran. Muslims decorate their houses, bazaars, streets, and masjids to celebrate this great event. Setelah ucapan milad, biasanya diikuti dengan ucapan “Barakallahu fi umrik“.

This festival of celebrating the birthday of the Noble Prophet (Allah’s Grace & Peace be upon Him) is a Bid’ah Hasanah (good innovation) and those arranging it will get blessing since in such a celebration is found the expression of joy and happiness at the greatness and eminence of the Noble Prophet (Allah’s Grace & Peace be upon Him) and his birth”.Imam Al-Hafiz Al-Qastalani, who gave commentary on Sahih Bukhari, said: “May Allah Almighty shower his Mercy upon a person who takes the days of the month of Rabi-ul-Awwal, in which the Noble Prophet (Allah’s Grace & Peace be upon Him) was born, as days of feast and celebration for doing so is the best cure for the heart of an ailing person.”Al-Hafiz Ibn Hajar was asked, the same reference of Imam Suyuti, about Milad Shareef. The meaning of Eid Milad un Nabi is the celebration of the birth date of Prophet Muhammad (SM). As the people of Saudi Arabia and Qatar are Wahabi/Salafi they don’t observe this occasion. Montgomery Watt, one of the renowned historian mentioned 570 as the year of his birth in his book.

Milad is an Arabic name for boys that means “birth day”, “birth”, “nativity”, “parentage”, “noble lineage”.
This milad or Islamic gatherings get arranged by the local people of an area or community. Mainly the Sunni group of people observes this day with great enthusiasm.Eid E Milad-un-nabi has a great meaning. Prophet of Allah (saws) said in a sermon:May Allah guide you and us all Nevertheless, both acts of virtue, as well as acts of abomination, are found in it (i.e. But the regions or a group of people who celebrate this occasion has some attachment to this event. upon all of you)One of our But there is a thought that Milad is not an occasion to celebrate for only one night, it is a celebration to remember the ideals and virtues of this person. 2, Page 764)The Holy Prophet Muhammad (Allah’s Grace and Peace be upon him) celebrated his own Milad by having fast. Most of the countries with Muslim population observe the birthday of Prophet Muhammad as Eid Milad-Un … They make stunning preparation on this day. So as a reward of happiness on Milad un Nabi (Allah’s Grace and Peace be upon him) he would be given water by his finger. brothers/sisters has asked this question:In addition to Apalagi, menurut dia, Indonesia telah diprediksi akan menjadi salah satu negara adi kuasa di dunia dan menjadi raksasa ekonomi terbesar ke-4 dunia pada 2050. to rejoice at and celebrate the Holy Birth of the Noble Prophet (Allah’s Grace & Peace be upon Him).Imam Al-Hafiz Al-Iraqi wrote a book and called it “The Pure Spring on the Sublime Birth”.Imam Shams ul-Din bin Naseer Al-Dimashqi, said in his book: “The Spring for the Thirsty One on the Birth of the Rightly Guided” about the story of Abu Lahab that he will receive a light punishment every Monday for expressing joy at the birth of the Noble Prophet (Allah’s Grace & Peace be upon him) on that day.
Jakarta - Syarikat Islam Indonesia (SII) memperingati milad ke-114 sekaligus melakukan Rapat Kerja Nasional. It provides guidelines for the believers on how to attain heaven by righteous deeds. The common activities which are arranged on this day are:Here is the all common programmed which is organized almost in all areas on this day. I love to play with Web. The green color is the representation of Islam and paradise.

In Arabic language milad indicates the time and the place of birth of ones.In according to Shariah, Milad is the event of the celebration of the birth date of any person. In this regard in some countries, this day is not celebrating by the Muslim group of people.

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