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mitigation practices for earthquake

Six times in eight years the road was shut down.ESCAMBIA COUNTY, FL - For several weeks after Hurricane Ivan in 2004, and then again after Hurricane Dennis in 2005, Pensacola Beach residents and visitors got a free ride – through the Bob Sikes Toll Facility, that is.TILLAMOOK COUNTY, OR - The February 1996 floods resulted in the death of 700 dairy animals on the farms in the Tillamook floodplain. With that in mind, they developed Disaster Ready Austin in collaboration with Travis County and the American Red Cross. Before March 1997, the historic riverfront community about 50 miles east of Cincinnati had lived through five major 20th century flood events (1913, '36, '37, '59 and '96).

The mostly rural county has experienced three presidentially declared disasters in the 1990s. KINGFISHER, OK – Over the past 10 years, residents in a six-block area cringed whenever authorities forecasted severe rain for their area. What they disliked was the fact that each time Fish River overtopped its banks, floodwaters would show its presence in their home. Before sharing sensitive information, make sure you’re on a federal government site. Envision DeLand High School students building these model houses. But when Typhoon Omar swept through the island in 1992, the Santos family lost everything.

Although they let sunshine and fresh air into the home, they can also be hazardous during inclement weather. This area of the county is a watershed to the sea for three major rivers.NEW JERSEY – Four of the last five years have been difficult for New Jersey residents along the Passaic River Basin.

47,376) and surrounded by rolling hills and rivers, averted major storm damage thanks to hazard mitigation and a new floodwall.COBB COUNTY, GA - Whenever it rained more than two inches, Bill Higgins’ phone would ring. GENEVA COUNTY, AL - Heavy rains in the spring of 2009 brought flooding for the first time to the home of Carolyn and Danny Holloway in the City of Geneva; however, they were prepared because they had flood insurance. Hurricanes pose a great risk to development along the coast and endanger lives and property with high winds, wave action, and flooding.PASCAGOULA, MS – Susan Lee is fortunate to be the owner of the only home in her coastal neighborhood that remained intact and standing after Hurricane Katrina’s devastation on August 29, 2005.

SNAKE WARRIOR ISLAND, FL - Flooding has plagued many of the neighborhoods in this South Broward County, Florida, area since development in the 1940s and 1950s. In eight major floods since 1990, the river delivered muddy water and misery to the homes and lives of hundreds of residents.DESTREHAN, LA – Since the invention of plumbing, residents of cities in flood-prone areas have faced the same smelly hazard: sewage backflow.

KAUAI, HI - On September 11, 1992, Hurricane Iniki hit the island of Kauai, Hawaii, with wind speeds exceeding those of Hurricane Iwa (1982) and Dot (1959). The facility serves the company's markets throughout the Southwest and Pacific regions.CHARLESTON, WV - Reaching people affected by the storms and flooding and providing them with disaster-related educational information at home building supply stores is the aim of a Febderal emergency Management Agency (FEMA) outreach program. One flood-prone neighborhood experienced flooding nearly every decade since the 1940s.HILO, HI – Tsunamis are as much a part of the Hawaiian history as the islands themselves and the deadliest of all Hawaiian natural disasters.CHARLEVOIX COUNTY, MI - With over 2,700 vehicles using it daily, Thumb Lake Road is the second-busiest road in Charlevoix County. The New Madrid zone deserves special mention. FLORIDA – HAZUS-MH is used by many states.

VERO BEACH, FL - In 1998, Scott and Susan Deal decided to add a bedroom to their existing home for their growing family. Approximately 90 percent of the buildings damaged were single-family dwellings.OKLAHOMA CITY, OK - Residents of the Oklahoma City metropolitan area wonder each year what May weather will bring. Currently, it is the most costly fire in Colorado history, with estimated insured losses of $454 million.WICKENBURG, AZ - North Wickenburg is home to close to 100 families that are in the middle to low-income group. After the flood, the City and County investigated engineering solutions for the flood area.KIRKLAND, IL - Les Bellah, former Mayor of Kirkland, Illinois, knows the power of water. RIPLEY COUNTY, IN - When Don Wood built his storm shelter 25 years ago, he didn’t know how often he’d have to use it. First rain drenched southern Minnesota. The repetitive flooding damaged over 5,100 acres of crops and structures per event.LOS ANGELES, CA - The dangers associated with the flood control system in the County of Los Angeles (LA), especially during periods of heavy rains, produces a substantial threat to the health and safety of our young people.BATON ROUGE, LA — After hurricanes Katrina and Rita walloped Louisiana in 2005, the need to rebuild stronger, safer, and smarter became obvious.

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