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In many of cases, where we have a fixed area chalked out for the solar PV plant, it needs to be ensured that the designer accommodates maximum capacity of PV plant to ensure the enhancement of the plant's commercial return. The price difference is 80 ÷ 275 – 80 ÷ 310 = $0.033. Performance Ratio (PR) of a mono based power plant is found to 83.16%, which is 3.09% more than that of poly based plants. 1,030kWh/month (average) was realized when utilizing mono crystalline modules in power plant, with maximum difference to the tune of 1,331 units realized in summer season. In recent years, labor costs and land costs have kept increasing. Over and above, a similar observation was made in the month of March where the zone observes high irradiance and coupled with moderate temperatures. This gain when considered for power plant based on fixed area would result in45.5 MWh more (refer Figure 4 ) energy generated from a mono crystalline module based plant. We can get the area-related cost per watt of a poly solar module(CL-275P6-60 Series) is 80 ÷ 275 = $0.291; the associated watt cost of a mono PERC solar module(CL-310M6-60 Series) is 80 ÷ 310 = $0.258. The energy gains, gains from temperature losses and commercial savings were analysed by utilizing mono crystalline versus poly crystalline technology. This is primarily because of the advantages each technology has i.e. Found mostly in the central India, places having composite climates constitute more than 30% in the country. Overall, mono crystalline technology outperforms poly crystalline technology by 12.3 MWh in such climatic zones. Found mostly in coastal areas in India, this zone is mostly recognized by its humid climatic conditions around the year. By contrast, Pmax of high-efficiency mono PERC solar panels generally reached 310W+, even up to 325 watts. To a novice, crystalline solar module comes in two technologies i.e. Poly solar panels, on the other hand, are created from blocks of crystals which give the module a metal-flake effect. Mono vs Poly - An intro spectives imulation study! Accounting to mostly moderate to sometimes high temperatures around the year, the power plant utilizing mono modules are expected to save 0.84 kWh/kWp/day attributed to temperature losses.

Such climatic zones, other than its intensely cloudy monsoons are considered preferable conditions for a solar power plant. Further, mono crystalline based power plants experience a gain of 2.95% over the plants utilizing poly crystalline modules. The mono crystalline based power plant injects 10.3 MWh (or 7.67%) more energy into the grid per MW of power plant installed in such areas (refer Figure 5 for more details). When comparing both the power plant, it was found that a mono based plant annually generates 13,826 units more.
However, we find that the area-related cost is often between $80/piece and $119/piece. Pertaining to such extremities, the temperature loss in a mono crystalline plant stays at 23.5 kWh/kWp which is 1.20 kWh/kWp less than that obtained in a poly crystalline based plant.

The generation however increases till April given the fact that there is an increase in irradiance in the region. Reply ↓ Leave a Reply Cancel reply. Further it shall also enable the end customer/ investor/ an EPC to make correct decision when selecting a technology for their power plant. The extreme temperatures directly affect the performance of the power plant. With the nation currently standing at around 28 GW of solar installation and with more than 95% installations utilizing crystalline technology, this trend is not to change in the next few years.

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