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morrish hopper fly pattern

This pattern utilizes a multi-layer foam body, as well as barred rubber legs. The weight and density of this pattern mimics real hoppers, so when you cast one out along a bank, the impact of the hopper on the water is very similar to the real thing.The Moorish Hopper comes from the creativity of Ken Morrish, who also designed the Hotwire Caddis, Morrish May, the Anato May and the Morrish Mouse. instagram/8/292378890.1677ed0.af4b22bac2d1483480632dce78920af0 The Morrish Hopper not only looks like a hopper....but it really does fish with the best of them! The Zug Bug is an old fly pattern that's versatile in its design and relatively easy to tie. You know, low in the water and wide body. The reason I started to play with this one is that River Road Creations created a specific cutter set to considerably speed up the tying process. Tie some up, hopper season is right around the corner. The TMC deer hair scissors were my favorites, but the TMC Tungsten Razor scissors, and Dr. Slick Tungsten scissors worked as well. I started out using separate centipede legs like the original uses, but it was really hard to get the angles on the back legs to sit correctly, in fact, we scrapped the first video we did because the legs didn't look right. However, all of those consternations went out the window when River Creations marketed the Morrish Hopper cutter. It wasn't easy to tie due to all the proportions and trimming of the foam. Back when it first came out, people would ask all the time how to cut the body correctly, and the only real answer was either to cut them very carefully with scissors or to use razor blades.


Currently, Ken owns Fly Water Travel out of Ashland, Oregon and is a signature tyer for Umpqua Feather Merchants. But do not … The Morrish Hopper can be tied in several color variations, including the realistic colors Tan and Olive. In order to form the rounded body as described, I used a large emery board. Have you fished any of his flies? 12 ea. The Morrish Mouse is a really great example of how to achieve all three of those keys in a pretty simple form. Kudos again to Ken Morrish for bringing us … Foam is incorporated in other effective flies I’ve talked about: Chubby Chernobyl – or click on my blog post … Late summer in Montana the trout are keying in on hoppers and other terrestrials and every fly fisherman knows this.

It's fished as a wet fly in spite of being tied with deer hair and a hackle like a bomber. Wrong... Disclaimer! Have fun with this one.Thanks for a great pattern, will tie some up and try at my trout lease in New Mexico where it should be hopper heaven about right now!Everytime I tie those damn legs I get a handicapped hopper with two upside down legs?!? Once your standby patterns get refused or snubbed by the trout, it’s time to tie on a Morrish Hopper. Late summer in Montana the trout are keying in on hoppers and other terrestrials and every fly fisherman knows this. You will see the slight modification on the back legs from the original as you watch the video.

Once your standby patterns get refused or snubbed by the trout, it's time to tie on…

The fly profile is perfect for western trout fishing and a host of other freshwater applications. Tie yourself up a handful of these this winter and give them a try this summer. The original pattern uses round rubber legs with knots, which isn't too bad until you decide to tie them in. Follow along as Jared gives step-by-step instructions to tie this dynamic pattern.

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