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Unfortunately, that bliss if often interrupted by the obnoxious drone of a terrible sports announcer.Here is the list of the 20 worst announcers in sports. Other than Tapper, all of the “most mistrusted” ranked on that list are either open about the fact they are partisan commentators, or are widely seen as partisan commentators. He remains one of the worst basketball announcers of all time. For readers outside Smyth's extensive broadcasting reach, … Morgan is another sad entry into the "great player, terrible sportscaster" category.The former great always seems to compare players to his era, carries grudges from three decades back, and never embraced any form of baseball statistics. Does anything else need to be said?Chip Caray's voice always reminds fans of his beloved grandfather, the immortal Harry Caray.Sadly, Caray makes constant mistakes while calling baseball games. Right question, wrong setting.And, was there anything worse than the LeBron James "Decision" interview, which will stain Gray's career forever?After Redskins safety Sean Taylor was brutally murdered inside his home by two robbers, Colin Cowherd actually blamed it on Taylor's past and said, "sometimes you have got stains, stuff so deep it never, ever leaves. Announcing is all about the proper mix of voice, inflection, delivery, and occasionally refraining from comment.

The relationship between professional golfers and most television broadcasters is as warm as the sport is genteel. ever necessary?Tim McCarver shows why over-analysis makes bad sports announcers.McCarver knows baseball as well as anyone around the game and is a pleasure to listen to in post-game analysis or talk show breakdowns of major sports events.But, during the game, his mix of constant analysis of everything going on, feeble attempts at wry humor, and a tendency toward grandiose verbiage that makes the eyes roll, is enough to push viewers to turn off the television. "Yes, that's Colin Cowherd. Related Stories. His understanding of the college game is unparalleled, and it's great to get an opportunity to hear his thoughts on talk shows.But, as an announcer, Vitale can be hard to stand. Top 25 Most Annoying Broadcasters in Sports By Connor Muldowney. Thankfully, he is now on the sideline and the only time fans have to hear him is when he is caught on-mike screaming at his Golden State players for their bad defense. Unfortunately, that bliss if often interrupted by the obnoxious drone of a terrible sports announcer. He can be reached at Katie Hopkins, far right commentator, permanently banned from Twitter The woman dubbed the “most hated” in the world has been suspended from … Worst, fans of the Madden video game series now have to listen to a Collinsworth voice-over instead of their beloved icon. Was making that switch the worst decision by a video game maker in history?Is it even possible to create a complete "Joe Buck list" of things he does to make baseball fans mute the television?Is it the rank lack of enthusiasm with which he calls the game? Two years ago, we debuted a bracket for the 64 Most Annoying People In Sports Media ahead of the 2016 NCAA Tournament. Bill Walton remains one of the best, most underrated NBA centers of all time.Sadly, he was as overrated as an announcer as he was underrated as a player. Buck's contract with Fox Sports expires after the 2019 World Series, a point at which Buck said he may retire.

Like many former players, Jackson knows a lot about the NBA game.Unfortunately, his monotone voice and off-cue delivery on-air make it difficult for fans to appreciate his insights.

With Patrick, there is no middle ground: He either goes on a long, praising rant of a team and its players, or seemingly goes after them for the entire game.Unless, of course, he is busy on a tangent about Britney Spears during overtime of a major college football game. He is quite loud, often drowning out his co-broadcaster, and over-uses his own knowledge by commenting on and analyzing every single aspect of a game. Which means that fans will be hearing a lot less of quite possibly the world's most hated sports commentator, Tommy Smyth. Every time I see him on the sideline, I wonder: How does someone that large go up and down a football field?Cheap joke, perhaps, but Siragusa's broadcast is no light show: he constantly tries to showcase himself when he is on screen, thinks he is the centerpiece of the game, and is, frankly, pretty boring. Share. A few weeks – and over 600,000 votes later – we had a champion. Stephen A. Smith narrowly took down then-colleague Skip Bayless for the title.This year, we’re bringing it back – and there are a lot of new faces.

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