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name the components of money supply

When as a result of increase in cash reserves, banks start increasing demand deposits, the people may also like to have some more currency with them as money balances. Thus, management of money supply is essential in the interest of steady economic growth. Thus, the relationship between money supply and the high-powered money is determined by the money multiplier. As mentioned above, change in the high-powered money is decided and controlled by Reserve Bank of India, the money multi­plier determines the extent to which decision by RBI regarding the change in high-powered money will bring about change in the total money supply in the economy.
These demand deposits held by the public are also called bank money or deposit money. That is, money supply is a stock concept in sharp contrast to the national income which is a flow representing the value of goods and services produced per unit of time, usually taken as a year.Secondly, money supply always refers to the amount of money held by the public. First, the money supply refers ‘to the total sum of money available to the public in the economy at a point of time.
Emphasis has, however, rested on the use of MIn the same way, changes in the volume of money supply over a period of time depend on changes in these constituents of MWelcome to! availability of cash with them) and profitability of making investment and rate of interest on loans advanced to business firms. Some economists therefore call it ‘The H Theory of Money Supply. Thus rupee currency flows into the RBI. UK Broad money supply. These demand deposits held by the public are also called bank money or deposit money. OD = Other … Bank deposits are created when people deposits currency with them. 0 votes .

asked Jun 28, 2018 in Economics by Nisa (59.4k points) retagged Jun 28, 2018 by Nisa. 200 crores of gold and other approved securities (such as dollars, pound sterling, etc.) But a runaway inflation is highly detrimental to economic growth.

10 was not withdrawn by the borrower. Further, though the required currency reserve-deposit ratio of banks can be easily varied by RBI, the actual currency reserve-deposit ratio cannot be so easily varied as reserves maintained by banks not only depend on minimum required cash reserve ratio but also on their willingness to hold excess reserves. Central banks, including the Federal Reserve, have at times used measures of the money supply as an important guide in the conduct of monetary policy.Over recent decades, however, the relationships between various measures of the money supply and variables such as GDP growth and inflation in the United States have been quite unstable. First, the money supply refers to the total sum of money available to the public in the economy at a point of time. By money supply we mean the total stock of monetary media of exchange available to a society for use in connection with the economic activity of the country. Hence, it represents a broader measure of money supply and is known as the Aggregate Monetary Resource (AMR).

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