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“Nancy Sullivan’s discovery of a therapeutic antibody to treat Ebola is a major scientific and clinical advancement and may be used to treat populations during future Ebola outbreaks,” said Marybeth Daucher, an associate director at NIH’s vaccine center. And that’s the reason they were able to find this kind of one-in-a-million antibody.” Chief, Biodefense Research Section, Vaccine Research Center The Partnership for Public Service is a nonprofit, nonpartisan organization that believes good government starts with good people. During clinical trials in the Democratic Republic of the Congo in 2018, the medication saved the lives of nearly 90% of Ebola patients who were treated soon after they contracted the disease. Sullivan’s drug is awaiting Food and Drug Administration approval. mAb114 is a monoclonal antibody — a protein that binds to a single target on a pathogen — isolated from a human survivor of the 1995 Ebola outbreak in Kikwit, a city in the DRC. “She established the critical scientific foundation that led to the development of mAb114,” said Dr. John Mascola, the director of the vaccine center. She is a senior investigator and chief of the biodefense research section at the Vaccine Research Center.Her team discovered the monoclonal antibody, mAb114. “She not only theorized the design of mAb114, but she also worked with clinical teams and an international network of scientists, public health officials and government regulators to enable the experimental treatment that saved upwards of 300 lives during the August 2018 outbreak in the Democratic Republic of the Congo.”  Looking back at the almost two decades it took to find and isolate the potent antibodies and develop them into an effective treatment, Sullivan recalled, “I’ve had many, many failures over time, but as devastating as those were, the data from each case has provided critical information for understanding the basis of immune protection against Ebola.”  She said she tells her students, “All of the information that you gain from studies, even failures, can be valuable for putting together pieces of the puzzle.” Sullivan is known as a mentor to post-doctoral students and peers at the NIH as well as in the Congo. Vaccine Research Center, National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, National Institutes of Health, Bethesda, MD, USA. The results confirmed what earlier experiments had suggested: the antibody therapy reduced the fatality rate from as high as 70% for untreated people to as low as 10% for those who received t the medicine. "I am very proud of what the Ridgeback team has accomplished in less than a year and we will continue to concentrate on ensuring that mAb114 is available to respond to the current and any future outbreaks.

The team at Ridgeback is dedicated to working toward finding life-saving and life changing solutions for patients and diseases that need champions.News on pathogens and preparedness for public health emergencies.Walter Reed Seeks mRNA Products for Malaria Research‘One Health’ Keeps Humans One Step Ahead of the Microbes MAb114 is a monoclonal antibody—a protein that binds to a single target on a pathogen—isolated from a human survivor of the 1995 Ebola outbreak in Kikwit, a city in the DRC. All rights reserved. As a result of their "The PALM trial is an extraordinary example of how multiple countries, government agencies and pharmaceutical companies can work together to help patients in need. Nancy J Sullivan. Earlier today, the leaders of the Pamoja Tulinde Maisha (PALM [together save lives]) study announced that early termination of the four-arm study and changes in treatment for patients with Ebola. In preclinical studies, mAb114 has shown protection against Ebola in non-human primates with only one dose of treatment.“Developing convenient and highly effective therapies is an essential tool for Ebola containment,” said Wendy Holman, CEO and co-founder of Ridgeback Biotherapeutics LP. Patient results were highly encouraging—so much so that when there was an Ebola outbreak in the Congo in the summer of 2018, a supply of the mAb114 was quickly deployed for use on desperately sick patients through a compassionate use protocol. Today's news from the PALM trial helps to reinvigorate us and keeps us fixated on our mission.

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