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B.9 CONTRACT LINE ITEM NUMBER (CLIN) EXPLANATION Page 2 of 2 Contract requirement numbers relate to each individual contract requirement in each paragraph of Attachment J –1.

endstream endobj 1818 0 obj <>stream The NSSC's Agency Contracting Program furthers NASA's commitment for the creation. Contract Number: NNG15SC22B (Group A); NNG15SC55B (Group D) Eligibility: Open to all U.S. Government Agencies Worldwide ͩ��E\��9�рҩ��f���'ݖ8'Z��� �����K��U�+���zb�J]�, ���rv��cO�; pa'��������'U�x��эPK���f͂�CL�7�Ryc�֪K��a����T�� endstream endobj 1816 0 obj <>stream I hope you find the information provided useful in gaining insight into who we are and how we contribute to the NASA mission.

CONTRACT SPECIFICS. �Myu�����m�����.��~��6F}�>�4=�ˣSԢx1�= ��Ftc�NK$)��҃7n/�hJ�3([4]�R4D1�� %PDF-1.6 %���� Agency Contracting can operate onmany levels, including: intra-center, center-wide, and government-wide basis, depending upon the commodity or service being acquired. 1814 0 obj <>stream Title: NASA-wide Relocation Services (for moves prior to 9/30/07) NSSC Delivery Order Number: NNX06AA21D Type of Contract: Firm Fixed Price Vendor: Cartus Corp. Period of Performance (with Options): 10/1/06 – 9/30/07 Total Contract Value: NTE $10,000,000.00 Description of Services: Provide employee relocation services for all NASA 1) to complete a draft of the LST Algorithms Theoretical Basic Document by July 30, 1993; 2) to make detailed characterization of the thermal infrared measurement system including spectrometer, blackbody and radiation sources; You can change this in The National Aeronautics and Space Administration’s (NASA) Solutions for Enterprise-Wide Procurement (SEWP) is a Government-Wide Acquisition Contract (GWAC) vehicle that offers a vast selection and wide range of advanced technology, including UNIX, Linux, and Windows-based workstations and servers, along with peripherals, network equipment, storage devices, security tools, audio-visual components, software, and other IT products and solutions to all federal agencies and authorized federal agency contractors.SEWP V is open for all Department of Defense (DoD), civilian, and NASA agencies as a GWAC through NASA’s designation as an Executive Agent by the) Office of Management and Budget (OMB).

%PDF-1.6 %���� Offering federal agencies a reliable vehicle to purchase best-of-breed technology at competitive prices and utilization of "Agency" contracts to satisfy common Center requirements and. You are in Demo Mode, which restricts viewable content. dz���a�+2��D��_���adt��O�; NASA SEWP VContract Number: NNG15SC71B Group C- Server Support Devices/Multifunctional Devices (Small Business Set-Aside) Overview The principal purpose of the SEWP V contracts is to provide state-of-the-art computer technologies, high-end scientific and engineering processing capabilities, network equipment and peripherals. Get the latest updates on NASA missions, watch NASA TV live, and learn about our quest to reveal the unknown and benefit all humankind. RESULTS IN BRIEF NASA’s Engineering and Technical Services Contracts March 26, 2019 NASA Office of Inspector General Office of Audits IG -19 014 (A 18 009 00).

1. !��z^���w>��R�Ի�8��n������ޒ��b�z��c��Z0�4��^�R�����k *�2�'^53�&`�i3�R�>R���� The Contract Number Query and Adhoc Query By Contractor display data at the composite level and display awards that are active during the Fiscal year queried. "-C80���ǟ��Y[Z���]�viS�s@��$��%��l��7�/:8��F�#/����[RT����f��.=59�ºT��P^���܀Up��jء������K"-���/�/B�;ѽ�A��rA��x]�zDͬ�Y$ ��ƚC2]�a%_V/֎3���u��+�������S"5��'�A#S1�a �ꭰM���*����5�?�M[��Z ���$W�I+��V���UP^��^]�8L~=�ۆ �U�4�w�$Q��b�a`"����0��fJ��7ւ�����"�٬��uO��f|b�1�� �"[�n�<=

Get the latest updates on NASA missions, watch NASA TV live, and learn about our quest to reveal the unknown and benefit all humankind. 4p�� ����B�C#��2��3Qf.�k�k&�[a�� �Q~�1'�-�����C��Ǚ�kk�D��C��k1�Ʀ���#��JV���޿���Pɺ�R7���kf��CI������yD����(ؼ\;�d9�夌"����4VGѴP����$�On����m�I�Y �>,�O����n;r���]�w'��`M�J�Q�e�Oy�nb���|qր1>���UJ1�l���r2%^�p#����17��>Qˆo�h���̯:|���i����pЬ�F�e�M����y�?�a��l�Cl�%���1���G����\��$9*lp��(��������D�M|�*m��6Yo��)B!�D��7+�)�#t����!����=��g����hv�i�v``)I��9����9cl_�o^.����R�\���qؐɬ�֍o�xM�m0J��>(�Ez��BQ4�/6���4aˮڽk�MH�l�h˙�9oi�K��X0%g�"�\ٕ`ꡞ� $ǝ5��dݥ�~յ0�lW�K;~�E��Q�x������߷/ڌt��^4~����l�M����K/�Y��ؐ��Y���d�=K9��ڜFM��"n�z���:͢J�DŽ� XV��I��bE��]�=�2�#ι��͸XR��S��B�G�VĦN�7S�AVv"���k��&���N��&��Dz�q��� ��s�4��vؼ��3,��j{�O�G��T���*����&X@��a!�^텸�97�bϡ���SFn��#d���O���ˣ/H ��Ĩ�ct��US�cǥ

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