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Few organizations have achieved more than NASA, who has spent the last decade captivating the imaginations of the general public with stunning observations and gorgeous images that were previously impossible to capture. Want more Science Trends? Discovery Science (USA), Foxtel, UKTV, Pro Sieben, SBS, Al Arabiya, AB Groupe, Discovery Italy and more.Part 1 of this show is available in the screening room – if you’d like to see achievements 5-1 please Since it’s formation in the early 60’s, NASA has continued to be the leading power in space exploration. Regardless, both rovers have given NASA insight into Mars, the conditions faced, and even how to build the future robots for expeditions.From the Old World to the New, mythologies of origins typically portray the emergence of agriculture as a gift or […]One of the ways to extract geothermal heat from the Earth’s crust is through Deep Borehole Heat Exchangers (DBHE). Scientists have seen pictures of galaxies and planets forming, and the HST has even given us hints and clues about how our own galaxy and universe formed.Hubble is expected to last until 230 or 2040 and will be replaced by the James Webb Telescope, which is slated to be launched in 2021.Cassini-Huygens, more commonly known as Cassini, was a collaboration between NASA, the European Space Agency (ESA), and the Italian Space Agency (ISA), to send a probe to study Saturn, all of its moons, and the famous rings. Its primary mission was to complete a flyby of Jupiter, which it completed in 1973. NASA’s Greatest Accomplishments: Mission: Year: Explorer 1: 1958: Pioneer 10: 1972: Apollo Program: 1960 – 1972: Gemini 3: 1965: Voyager: 1977: Spirit and Opportunity: 2004: Cassini: 1997: Viking: 1976: Hubble: 1990: The accomplishments on this list are here because of significance, they either made huge impacts on … We have written about these twin rovers pretty extensively (which you can find The rover Opportunity has lived on until recently with a planet-wide dust storm. We cover everything from solar power cell technology to climate change to cancer research. Fast forward 30 years and the Mars Pathfinder lands safely on the Red Planet, beaming back incredible surface images of our closest planetary neighbour. Voyager also has the Golden Record, which has music and human greetings on it in case any alien lifeforms ever come across it.
Today Explorer 1 was the very first satellite launched by the United States on January 31, 1958, out of Cape Canaveral Missile Annex, Florida. The […]It’s well known that not getting enough sleep can harm you in a variety of ways, including increasing your risk […]As the years change and pass, so do many different kinds of health trends. After this flight, NASA moved their control center to the newly opened Manned Spacecraft Center down in Houston, Texas.Pioneer 10 was a space probe launched on March 2, 1972. Astronaut Gus Grissom was actually supposed to fly on Apollo 1, however, he was one of the 3 astronauts killed in Apollo 1 cabin fire.This was actually the last manned flight controlled out of Cape Canaveral, Florida. Historical timeline of significant events at Glenn Research Center. If Pioneer continues on its trajectory undisturbed, in 2 million years it will arrive at the star Aldebaran, which is 68 light years away.The Viking program was a pair of space probes, Viking 1 & 2, sent to Mars in 1976. Gemini 3 was flown by astronauts Gus Grissom and John Young on March 23, 1965. Working with other space agencies, it has contributed substantially to the ongoing exploration of our universe, achieving incredible firsts that span the decades. Each promising to be as effective […]Meteorites can record ancient magnetic fields when they form.

By Clara Moskowitz 06 March 2009. This film comprehensively chronicles the finest moments in NASA’s triumphant space program, reliving some of the most inspirational and famous moments that have captivated audiences and inspired generations around the world, over the last five decades.1965, Ed White became the first American to leave his capsule in orbit. As we stare down the barrel of the futuristic-sounding year 2020, it’s a time for reflection on the past decade. ISSN: 2639-1538 (online) We help hundreds of thousands of people every month learn about the world we live in and the latest scientific breakthroughs. Also including triumphs such as the Hubble Telescope, and the efforts of the crew that saved the astronauts of Apollo 13, this mini-series highlights some of the most memorable and pivotal moments within mankind’s legacy.Using stunning NASA archive footage and featuring expert interviews with space scientists, NASA’s 10 Greatest Achievements reveals the importance of space exploration and uncovers the ways in which this knowledge has benefited all of Mankind over the last five decades. As the decade ends, we find ourselves reflecting on the greatest achievements over the last ten years.
Launched in 1997, Cassini was the first probe to enter Saturn’s orbit, and the 4th space probe to study Saturn. All Rights Reserved.

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