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System (LMS), currently the System for Administration, Training, and Educational. You need your unique gift certificate code, which is part of the gift certificate that was emailed to you as an attachment. Make absolutely sure the name of the Certificate purchaser is included in your PayPal payment. Then also email to send us the names of all other participating students. NASA's Mars 2020 Perseverance rover mission is on its way to the Red Planet to search for signs of ancient life and collect samples to send back to Earth. Please note: You can generate an electronic certificate of participation on this page.If you make this contest a class assignment, please send us the top three essays from each of your classes. Star cluster NGC 2203 has helped astronomers puzzle together the lifetimes of stars. Send your own out of this world message here: Select Center. If you are selected in the drawing, which will be held the day after the deadline, we will send you an email to obtain your mailing address. NASA Valentine's cards carry warm wishes from cool places! We do hope that you also report the use of any related NSN toolkit materials or related NASA resources in the event log as well, but that additional requirement is not necessary for pin eligibility this year.

Explore the geological wonders of the Rio Tinto (the Red Tinted River) of Southern Spain -- considered by scientists to be comparable to the conditions on Mars.

Module 1: Introduction to the Engineering Design Process Event Dates: March 26, March… NASA Educator Professional Development and the National Science Teachers Association have joined forces to create and offer this first-of-its-kind online course for middle school educators. Researchers have designed an ambitious observing program that will conduct some of Webb's first scientific observations. What counts as benefit isn’t just laying hold of the paper work but the amount of knowledge you’ve gained is what passes for the benefit. NASA/JPL and the French Space Agency invite you to dive deeper into oceanography by visiting some of the other links on this site that help you explore our ocean planet. NASA's Perseverance Mars rover will carry the first samples of spacesuit material ever sent to the Red Planet. The second to last piece of hardware for the Artemis I test flight around the Moon has arrived at Kennedy Space Center. NASA and SpaceX are “Go” for the return of the SpaceX Demo-2 test flight crew with splashdown targeted for Sunday, Aug. 2. Vertical lift aircraft, including helicopters, is something NASA researchers have studied since the earliest days of flight. Fill in your name and then print it out to show your friends and family. You are a certified Junior Oceanographer. Entering the above information is optional and choosing not to do so will not disqualify you from winning. ©Complete the Certificate Order Form and Copy and Paste to an E-mail and then e-mail the form to us at If ordering a Certificate with your lifting picture, send your high quality picture to us at – Pay by Paypal immediately.

Image left: Planetary surface robot work crew in California. The Suomi NPP satellite is providing visible imagery and the Aqua satellite is providing temperature information on the tropical system. »NASA-STD-8739.3 Soldered Electrical Connections »NASA-STD-8739.4 Crimp, Cable and Harnesses »NASA-STD-8739.5 Fiber Optic Terminations »ANSI/ESD S20.20 Electrostatic Discharge Safety »IPC J-STD-001DS.1 Space Applications Electronic Hardware Addendum to J- STD-001D Requirements for Soldered Electrical and Electronic Assemblies NASA Workmanship Standards.

Lifters will also have the option of having their own picture of their record setting lift right on the certificate. All National Records which include a picture receives this frame at All NASA Certificates will come with a Certificate Holder such as this one which is included in the price.

Browse Courses By Reset. But we can start taking ordered immediately.Remember, all pictures MUST be e-mailed to us immediately after you order and pay to our address at All Pictures, Demo’s, etc on this web site are Copyrighted and shall not be copied or used without NASA’s written permission. NASA now offers our lifters State, National and Top 250 Ranking Certificates ©.

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