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nba youngboy quotes about fake friends

He has five sons: After taking a plea deal, YoungBoy Never Broke Again was released in May 2017. “Your self respect is what matters. He was born Kentrell DeSean Gaulden in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. Never again!Waited 2 hours for him to come out then when he did he left 45 minutes into his set But the songs he did perform was great so it wasn’t that bad.Could have been better waited till 10 to come out and only did 4 songs everyone was on stage (not cool) he left and said he would come back never came back.NBA YoungBoy is still my favorite rapper but never again will I spend money going to see him in concert.He didn’t come on stage until almost 3 hrs after the concert started.There must have been 6 or 7 no name rappers before him that were terrible and continued to get boo’d offstage.When he finally did come on there was probably over 100 other people on stage with him.There was drunk rappers falling on the stage and other people constantly in his way while he was trying to perform.He asked several times for everyone to get off stage which never happened.He finally got so frustrated he said man I’ll be back and never returned.He only rapped Mabye 5 songs.Me and my kids were so disappointed.He didnt perform long enough . You cannot have a good life or have other people respect you for that matter if you don’t respect yourself.” – XXXTENTACION. NBA YoungBoy's quotes SMH. Huge waste of money and time. !It was great place but the performance it self was no goodDidn’t like the performance nba youngboy to many people wit him on stage and then he only came out for little bit like 30 min or something it sucked to go all the way to Houston to get lowzy performanceI love Nba Youngboy he brought the whole city out it was a hype show youngboy did GreatIt was amazing honestly the energy he brought to the buildiHe shutdown the whole venue it was one of the best experience in my life to be honestThe performance was cut short after we spent our money. Mystery Hoody $25.00. So many people on the stage couldn't really see him.YB comes out to preform around 7 songs and leaves the concert. It was similarly reported that he was shot and killed in 2017. He was arrested for an out-of-state warrant and two counts of attempted second-degree murder at the age of 17.

He was raised by his grandmother. I went to school, I hung out with my friends, I fought with my younger sisters. He was born Kentrell DeSean Gaulden in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. XXXTENTACION quotes and lyrics. Don’t forget to also read these relatable NBA YoungBoy quotes.

Also instead of it being him on stage it’s 100+ people so you can barely see him.Savannah Civic Center - Martin Luther King Jr.

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