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We have not even supported him in any way. Loss of profit is another legal fact in his favour, thats if he is indded serious about his business.© 2013 GMG Graphic Designs - Notwane FC (Pty) Ltd - Notwane Football Club - Botswana Premier League - Botswana Football Association - CAF - FIFA - All Rights Reserved

Let us only support those who will add value to our beloved team. Fondato nel 1965 il club milita nel Campionato botswano di calcio Storia. Mogapi is the right person to take this team back to its former glory days and others are just full of empty promises. This is a lost cause and no one will win. I hope one day le wena o tlaabe o labile ko morao bua gore player so and so was developed at Notwane which I still believe you want to achieve....Thank you very much for your valuable participation. The new mentor of Notwane FC Kowa found a winning formula for the troops and the understanding of his tactics seems to be easy. I would not be seen to castigate but also to give recognition where its due. I have always maintained that nothing can keep a good man down. Shares of Notwane Football Club are Soon to be Sold to Registered SupportersFollowing the conclusion of the commercialization process of the Club, and as in accordance with the Share Purchase Agreement that gave GMG Global Investment (Pty) Ltd. 100% Share Ownership and Full Control of Notwane FC (Pty) Ltd aka Notwane Football Club, the Shelved 20% Shares will soon be Sold to Registered Notwane Football Club Supporters. At least now that you have responded to all these and clarified. The team is known for a beautiful passing game and this is what is seen in their games at the moment.Commenting after the game  with BDF XI in the quarter finals of the ” I am very happy for winning this game, the boys did it, they executed the game plan to press BDF XI so that we get the maximum points which will put us through to the next round of this cup. We are told lies after lies after lies about the poor boy to the point where we fail to even see the good in him. I wish he also stop wasting time with these hooligans called the Motherbody and their supporters.
Il Notwane Football Club è una società calcistica del Botswana con sede nella città di Gaborone. Right now, let us rally behind the legitimate owner of this team and help him take our team to greater heights.

The Motherbody is the problem here and the sooner we get rid of them the better. (NOTWANE FC)The Holy Scriptures says, to everything there is a season, a time for every purpose under heaven, a time to mourn and a time to dance. This speaks directly to the situation in which Notwane Football Club find itself in. Football statistics, detailed soccer statistics including league tables, fixtures, results and betting statistics, soccer stats, football stats We take every game as it is and we are ready to face any team in the quarter finals in order to reach the finals. This administrator will be responsible channeling the funds to the players and also help in running the club. I believe in tou Sir, have a lovely evening.Thank you for finding time in your obviously busy schedule to reply to me, from this point on it is going to be a very heavy uphill battle trying to prove your mattle as a business man meaning business in a footballing entity, look beyond Notwane and appoint people with the credibility that your grand plan for notwane fc needs.Thank you Rre Mogapi. Reaching the finals is not easy and it will not be easy, but we will not give up now because we can make it to the finals.” I am one of the supporters that were influenced and made to hate Mogapi for no reason. If you are correct as you claim to be, why use dirty tricks? Notwane Football Club is a professional soccer team in the Botswana Premier League.

The Judges opened my eyes and I call upon all maNotwane to stop being misled by these corrupt people called the Motherbody.

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