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self-serve influencer marketing platform

They are not so concerned about somebody’s follower count (which is very much affected by the niche that somebody operates in) as they are by whether that following is loyal and engaged. Bots, ghosts, and lurkers are all discounted to keep the data relevant. It is an opt-in platform for those with successful YouTube channels (although they can also link up their Instagram accounts). Our campaigns are super flexible, allowing you to customize down to the influencer level.Our Campaign Management Pipeline streamlines everything. With this plan, you can manage unlimited campaigns with unlimited influencers for a single brand. It tracks more than 9 billion social conversations, all indexed, analyzed, and searchable. The AspireIQ platform takes a more hands off approach than previous entries on this list. Speak to our team see why NeoReach has managed over $250 million worth of influencer marketing campaigns to date. InkyBee also has tools to enable Twitter bio searches and Twitter influencer analysis.InkyBee offers more than just search tools, however. No one campaign is the same... and we believe in supporting your creativity rather than hindering it. Along with the 100,000 influencers it recognizes 3,000,000 unique mentions and 5,000,000 keywords. Brands can learn who is talking about their brand, and compare their content performance with their competitors. Which, despite the not-so-nice-name... are pretty key, because your influencers should ideally have enough clout to influence people. It offers multiple search options for brands trying to locate the perfect influencers.InstaBrand is more than just a search engine though. Influencer Marketing Platforms provide influencer discovery tools for brands and agencies, some also offer massive searchable databases of potential influencers, using clever algorithms. Influencer marketing isn’t really like other types of marketing (like setting up Facebook Ads or Google Adwords where you fill up an online form and click "Run")... Influencer marketing involves multiple steps with a bunch of different people.

IZEA began paying bloggers to produce sponsored content for brands in 2006 - almost the stone age of influencer marketing.They now offer a single platform that covers all aspects of content production and distribution by influencers on their blogs, and through their social media accounts on Twitter, Facebook. They now work with some of the biggest brands and agencies, including Huawei, IMG, Adidas, Microsoft, and CocaCola.Their plans are very simple. The platform analyses what people talk about to understand their interests and affinities. It charges brands for their connections with its influencer community, using a system of credits. YouTubers choose to feature products because they interest them and make good video content.Exposely is a self-service social advertising platform, connecting brands with highly engaged online influencers.

It also provides numerous tools for its clients, helping them to find influencers, run campaigns, track campaign performance, and report.NeoReach looks at influencer activity on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, Pinterest, and Snapchat.Webfluential looks at things from the opposite perspective to most of the big platforms.

The algorithm (with its human oversight) analyzes posts on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, WordPress and Blogs.Onalytica’s search function digs very deeply and can generate a huge amount of data about influencers and their postings.TapInfluence grew out of a product called Blog Frog, which focused on selling banner ads to companies looking to connect to targeted companies. The AI looks at all the discrete parts of any given piece of content—the image itself, the location, mentions, even emojis—and makes logical inferences. Content marketing platforms provide services that support their clients with content marketing. Their aim is to make it easy for brands to match up with popular YouTube creators who match the brand’s niche.YouTube creators have the opportunity to set up an editorial calendar of their upcoming videos, giving brands a chance to see any possible synergies between the video channel and their brand.Brands list products they want to promote in Content BLVD’s marketplace.

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