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Oliver Hardy: About three shakes of a dead lamb’s tail. (1934)The first time they showed up together in a motion picture was the silent short In the film, Stan depicts a young, ultimately broken guy, who finds a friend in one stray dog. And I’m just the feller that can do it!The Doctor (Billie Gilbert): That’s the worst case of gout I ever saw.Trivia for Blotto starring Stan Laurel and Oliver HardyOllie: "What do you have to do with it? Smith Produced by Norman Smith Arranged and Conducted by … He came from Ulverston, England, and debuted on stage once he turned 16, in Pickard’s Museum in Glasgow. [Stan and Ollie have just heard that they will be executed the next day]Trivia for The Flying Deuces (1939) starring Stan Laurel, Oliver HardyStanley Laurel (Stan Laurel): We must have been dis-unconnected.

Uke cover by Mike Carr of the great Hurricane Smith tune from 1972. They eventually called it quits by the early 1950s, though they continued to tour Britain and the rest of Europe for a while and were always highly acclaimed.Statue of Stan Laurel and Oliver Hardy outside the Coronation Hall Theatre, Cumbria, England (Laurel’s birthplace). Why, you're the one who wanted me to have a baby." Brilliant thanks! Dear Mrs Laurel, My children, Angad and Daras, are 7 and 9 years old. He would meet with people and listen to them with zest to what they had to say about Laurel and Hardy.

His roles were defined by the size of his chubby body, therefore he always played either a big clumsy fella or a prominent villain, both of which he fit perfectly.However, Laurel and Hardy were better remembered for what they did in the latdter part of their career, when the two became thick as thieves on screen, and eventually also in real life.Laurel and Hardy with Lupe Velez at a Hollywood party.

Laurel & Hardy - (Oh Babe , What Would You Say) - Bubblerock Dance Video - HD Send donations to Saint Jude for cancer kids. He was from Harlem, Georgia and, though initially studied law, he abandoned that in order to run a movie theater in 1910. In the subsequent years, he accompanied Fred Karno’s vaudeville group and traveled the United States several times over. Laurel & Hardy - (Oh Babe , What Would You Say) - Bubblerock Dance Video - HD Send donations to Saint Jude for cancer kids. “I thought it was funny,” he would remark later on.Laurel was perhaps the more hard-working of the two. Stan Laurel: I didn’t think it was so far. His assignments included imitating Charlie Chaplin, as he was his understudy within this group.When he decided to stay permanently in the States, Laurel accepted an offer to star in the two-reel, Hardy came from a family who had nothing to do with acting, theater or film.

He never truly recovered, and never stepped foot on stage or set again.In a letter he addressed to the public after Hardy’s death, he noted: “I feel lost without him after 30 odd years of close friendship & happy association.”Laurel retired in Santa Monica where he died on February 23, 1965.

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