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thank you for contributing to this tiny fandomGrowing up in the Outside hadn’t been easy, and it hadn’t been fun. ((ALSO I LOVE YOUR WORK IT MAKES MY HEART CRY I LOVE))I have twin OCs from a crappy Transformers fanfic I might be rebooting here soon if I remember the rest of their story's plot sjdnsnd. Like absolutely QUAKING. This was one of the most un-expected moments I’ve ever faced in anime. ps.

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With Ohma having only just recovered, he was interrupted by a mysterious man who called himself "Ohma was visited by Yamashita at his residence just as he had finished hunting a large animal.

For his debut kengan match, Ohma calmly faces Yoshitake Real … Quotes Character Description A short description about the character “Ouma TOKITA” would help many anime and manga fans learn more about them. I still can't believe you're using that as a header-•Ohma is a determined and a sometimes short tempered person with a relatively short fuse and a s/o that is small, shy, and doesn’t really stand out definitely grabs his attention•when he first saw you he didn’t think much of you.

You jumped in surprise.“What the hell?” You turned to Ohma. 37 notes. He was condescending against his opponents and often belittled them. mythiica asked::D im so happy your reqs are open, hopefully im here in time! Forza mentis. This causes him to often challenge or provoke others into conflict, such as when he provoked Ohma was not without his good traits, however. On this particular night, you waited, with thinning patience, for Ohma to pick you up from work. Ohma’s eyes flitted to the scene of the accident then focused back on you before releasing his grip on your waist and shoving his hands deep into his pockets. 2. He fought in an average of eight imaginary matches while asleep and had fought in well over 40,000 imaginary matches over the past 14 years; due to the principles of In extreme situations where his stamina is completely depleted, Ohma is able to involuntarily perform Ohma Tokita, with his eyes resembling the Kure Clan's.OOhma Tokita, with his eyes resembling the Kure Clan's. A boy who grew up in slums with no name, Ohma spent his life fighting only to survive until he was found by the martial arts master, Tokita Niko who taught him martial arts and gave him his name "Tokita Ohma". Ohma: We do, but it's not gonna work, you know. A boy who grew up in slums with no name, Ohma spent his life fighting only to survive until he was found by the martial arts master, Tokita Niko who taught him martial arts and gave him his name "Tokita Ohma".

They don’t interact with much of the main cast like my other character. Distracted by Ohma’s poor attempt at a joke, you did not immediately notice the single lit candle between two plates of food sitting on your kitchen table. El Personaje: Ohma Tokita El Anime: Kengan Ashura” 05-sep-2019 - 13 Likes, 1 Comments - Frases de Anime ツ (@frases.deanime) on Instagram: “Seguínos para más frases de Anime ! “You don’t get it do you, that a pro-wrestler can take your blows, and keep.

•he thanks you and tells you he has this in the bag and proceeds to win the match (with the help of your adorable face in his mind as motivation )•from that fateful encounter, he is around you nonstop talking to you about topics he never thought he would even think about before he met you •he gives a soft yes to pda in public but in private? Daus Daus Anime. A blank stare and silence ensued, signaling that Ohma was growing annoyed with your antics. By increasing his speed exponentially due to torque, allowing Ohma to hit far harder.

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