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Recommendations in OSCAR are designed to mimic the process used in the paper world, in which an applicant requests a letter of recommendation, and the recommender ... clerkship applications in a batch process. stream Judicial Clerkships What Judges Look for in a Recommendation Letter (Seek and share information about clerkship applications, clerkship hiring timelines, and post-clerkship employment opportunities) The information and application system created a transparent online law clerk hiring process for applicants and law schools, while giving federal judges a way to communicate their hiring … OSCAR is the Online System for Clerkship Application and Review, a web-based system that enables judicial clerkship applicants to review judges and clerkship opportunities of federal judges who are utilizing the system to … endobj ϥ%l�� A�D��f�h-�7UG�k��!�Ě@c�H�Y��J\3O^��Ot@��|f ���G����̖NY!�@��6�+ܱ�� �i�Z����� A�M�#P����6�l>��z�����S�9�y�D��LB�!�j��M���hB`��]#��&���\�8gTX��l߽�vHO�zp�K�5�u��P�^��,K�0�԰mȑ" :��N�;�$������ͩ����D�}������OH�`�����8YCcH�A~�*�#��WDO�H Applying for clerkships in OSCAR may seem complex at first, but it is a fairly straightforward process. %PDF-1.5 Again, as advised above, be sure to first review the “Judge Details” tab and then the clerkship position itself for more specific hiring information and instructions. Below are tips about accessing and formatting your grades. More concretely, the strength of faculty recommendation letters can make or break applications for certain types of jobs, including judicial clerkships. Recommendation letters are associated specifically with an application packet, so you must actually create an application for and associate recommenders with each clerkship position to generate recommendation requests.Once you have uploaded all necessary application documents and created your pool of recommenders, it is time to begin searching for clerkship positions. endobj You will need to have all your application documents uploaded to the My Documents tab and your pool of recommenders created in the My Recommendations tab.

Here are tips on which professors to choose for your clerkship letters of recommendation and a detailed script for requesting a LOR from a law school professor. �\�T�����&�o�N�����m2��m�p�[?�>�p��:��"g��~�_��1��@��wa9����R�%?୑(�[Œ���T} f��[#��� t��u ���5 �d�ma�g�Azv�S�(���]�98È"�cGG�����.�5�d\��К��(���t� ]*h��EP�xd��5��S[i��n "zV��0X\;�-$w>RAu����~dl^�!��T�uCz� Additionally, OSCAR provides you with the ability to organize clerkships into folders to better manage your application process.Once you have identified the clerkship positions you will apply to, you can begin building your applications. To link to the OSCAR tip sheets, log onto OSCAR, click on the Resources tab, then select the Applicant Resources tab. There are several tools at your disposal for narrowing the field to just those clerkship positions that fit your particular goals and interests.

• Receive automatic notifications of new law clerk and staff attorney positions fitting your selection criteria.

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