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1979 – Mike Swearingen, Leicester, NY There are the World Champion bull riders, World Champion Event winners, World Champion Bulls, and Rookie of the Year, for example. Teams of three people then run to the Carnivals and rodeos typically take place during the spring and summer, and are usually arranged to avoid date clashes, so that competitors may take part in as many events as possible. The purpose of this formation was to standardize regulations and rules, but insufficient support was given and the association was terminated in 1947. The prize money is obtained from donations and entry fees, with the main prize money being for the open campdraft event.The biggest rodeos are in Queensland, with the National Titles Rodeo held on the Gold Coast, the Mount Isa Rotary Rodeo, Mareeba rodeo and Warwick Rodeo where there are prestigious campdraft events in addition to rodeo events. Only nine contestants scored on him and he won the Australian national title of Bull of the Year a world record eight times during 1987 to 1994.There are strict standards for the selection, care and treatment of rodeo livestock, arenas, plus equipment requirements and specifications.The early buckjumper riders were known as roughriders. Photo taken shortly before Alan regained his seat and went on to make the required time.Hicks Jenny, “Australian Cowboys, Roughriders & Rodeos”, CQU Press, Rockhampton, QLD, 2000Shaw, John H., “Roughriding”, Collins Australian Encyclopedia, William Collins Pty Ltd., Sydney, 1984, Chisholm, Alec H. ���6�ptLk���+$q��A ���� ��H�-qAb�+Ab* %���_��``$���o�� N�5 1978 – Mike Swearingen, Leicester, NY. The cattle, bullocks, steers and calves were and still are owned by local graziers that lend them for the campdrafting and rodeo events. ����I�>�\��0�*�6�0�z��u��ܥ��}8�}x^�f��@���o��sk�?Aˏ�)�)�;.�C�j�D�*����8]�֠o�(V�EP�^��\M6s��7�B��Lm��Be@{-z��3�z֫w�_��� ��0�24�؊A��'X�Zl�6,�Jfv�Ŀ'~"���rn��̦�WQd��C�U�:t=zDo����@�2�ل��W�m�Er���[���+��������E�~����:m�u�Ӄ������`{q>�4�--��J�?������!�.�����W�� �9Hq~.Ƶq�s/�A�7���i���G}&���l�ܛ�mf���$� ��t�{�mG�@����W�/A���(���s�irÈBX��fw!^�7�m�v�0�!�=>��D$O�Ԑs�Rr-���t��5s�qwq?�>�7 ��s��4J��L��T�,�@��@�P�ܹ��+�( � �5|��W+�ޒ����l��a�?h¶:rS�#��'�y��)PTM�u����a�T�{�p�s#A�K#��G��^S��7�ͻ��?��ɀg� ), The Australian Encyclopaedia, Vol. �M�����9@}D��#� �ޫ� Violet was billed as the “World’s Champion Lady Buckjump Rider” after the American tour. The Whittlesea Professional Rodeo will feature Australian Champions, the Best Bucking Bulls and Horses, Miniature Bucking Ponies, Bucking Bull of the Year, Feature Horses, Non-stop Action, plenty of food and fun and live country music!

John Caban, Glenn Morgan, Ron Raynor and Kevin Cooper are among the most successful inductees with at least ten awards each.Violet Skuthorpe was an outstanding lady roughrider, who in 1938, was invited to join the McCoy’s Wild West Show in America and she (then 15) toured there along with her mother and brother Lance, 19.

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