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Disregard any local rules on He already has a and GOLF Magazine are published by EB GOLF MEDIA LLC, a division of 8AM GOLF Assuming the test run goes well, there’s a good chance Reed could have the irons in play when he When asked who makes the irons, Reed was a bit more coy with his response: “Can’t say yet,” he said. 2 0 obj “… Gotta keep y’all thinking and guessing a little bit.” Reed did confirm additional details should be available at the Sentry Tournament of Champions event.As for the origin of the irons, the The irons represent the second boutique equipment brand in Reed’s bag. Patrick hand signed this scorecard in black sharpie marker on the cover. <> Patrick Reed has new custom-made irons in the bag this week at According to Reed, the irons have been in the works for roughly one year and help rectify a few issues the former Masters champion dealt with last season. �:m�1��I��f�6�DY�\l܀����%�if ZGh�yBK~�v{��Һk 1 0 obj %���� The highest priority was finding an iron he could trust to hit certain shots on the course — something he believes the custom-made irons are able to do on command.“I just feel like where we’ve been able to get the [center of gravity] where we’ve been able to get everything on the golf club, when I make a swing that I feel like is supposed to be a five-yard draw and I look up, the ball is starting where it’s supposed to for a five-yard draw,” Reed told <> endobj endobj Information on players includes yearly results, profile information, a skills gauge, equipment information and much more. <>/ExtGState<>/ProcSet[/PDF/Text/ImageB/ImageC/ImageI] >>/MediaBox[ 0 0 612 792] /Contents 4 0 R/Group<>/Tabs/S/StructParents 0>> 3 0 obj Patrick Reed has new custom-made irons in the bag this week at the Hero World Challenge.Just don’t expect him to offer up full product details and a spec rundown on them — at least not yet. x��][o�ƒ~7���GM�a�d�I���$;�qd�$'�&�@�(k���#����뷫�Jv���$g�1`͍d����_W'߾K����^&��~��� ���'Y�����I���j��{���o��O��=}���4i#��˧O��,KXRd"ͪ��"<9�(/{yZ%��#���֟^>}��^2������'G����Ir��A�xMbtM*�T�M–|ar��EZmހ��,O7�Ϸ���}���I�����&�|����щ|W���_���;����������D���$��� \�nR�N^�c2�e����=�+��k����w�����ǯ���N����ُ�)�9��)��~�o�w�a����M� This Web site and all textual, illustrative, video and audio information and other data (collectively "content") contained or displayed herein are the exclusive property of The Japan Golf Tour Organization. You are bidding on an Official Augusta National Golf Club Masters Scorecard signed by PGA Star Patrick Reed. 16릣�p:�yV�M��&K���(\��v�ϓi�w�o�0\��e{ /��=�2\� ~�Vw�1��.�4ꂥ�U��˒�Ʋ�R�5�#]�>˞���HEF�ȫ�ac��e�bt�,-F������P�IV��n?N����x��BO�!�WG�NBel�ײ� `c��L6�j��+���ee����c{O7�\��f���F�"��H�\�B��:h�k�~�H�f���jɛ"�FH&S�T� ����dfyZ�vrJH�L+6�3ױ�� ��h�����`s�� XJo��엣�S:��@m'��U��}��H���͉o�D�Wy��9O�p�[��`@�/�a���9���@�z71B��X_���q�o]]�SE0үk�������'F_N�j�� �V��N%H9����V�b��i��f��%����0�tp�"Dc���ж8�o��#TVҙ)�mtʪ!��3�%F���N�6�/l�5��/�y�Zr_&�A�6 �֣+�,w2��59*J~@�pC�΂�.���N�p��U=֠���w�l ��.|{���r"}r�yC�Dg��~o%�C�t#�吊�,8��v�(��m%v��lb���7v/�-8O���I�(�^�=:�_z�r�Ϸl ���F��f��_���l.i��1R� �8�vc\d���kLd����*�����}'lPݤu9� �6��5v'e�Yo�*�z�%-�ΰ�N��O+)ݮ����~�σ�;��� ��9Hc�*.`�E.����%Oy>�K'�^y��Z��P.V� cZ���gR,��K��M�ki�|PO�ꈑB�]��6��E�o����|1O�>a��Tlo�^�Dy���k�#M[k9oa���e#���Pl��z���U�:K�Q���ۍu������(���8��m�`�|���1��Sݒ_c�&�!�ho����8�(9���S�U��n��B�7���qW��)-pg,��u0P�᷒���%s���ۮ#�nH>F�7��$ٌ�L��� ��т�(GXi���i7&L�?,�K0��m�UAE�W��;�c <>/Metadata 139 0 R/ViewerPreferences 140 0 R>> Monday Finish: Reed's red-hot putter, Hovland's dramatic first victory. INSPERITY INVITATIONAL / PATRICK REED AJGA JUNIOR CHAMPIONSHIP The Woodlands Country Club – Tournament Course The Woodlands, Texas June 23-25, 2020 NOTICE TO PLAYERS Play is governed by the Rules of Golf Effective January 2019 and the AJGA Tournament Hard Card.

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