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paul keating insults

"Eleanor Dartnall, AFA Adviser of the Year, 2014: "Our clients love your newsletter. Kerry O’Brien is one of the most respected interviewers of our time, who specialised in national politics. Tensions have escalated between Ukraine and Russia after the Ukrainian foreign minister called Vladimir Putin, the Russian President, a “dickhead”.The remarks, made by Andrii Deshchytsia at a rally outside the Russian embassy in Kiev, were caught on camera, which has caused a furore from Moscow.On the domestic front, former treasurer Wayne Swan was ejected from parliament for calling Tony Abbott a “liar”.

Australian politicians need to do something to pass the long hours in parliament, right? Register to receive our free weekly newsletter including editorials.Reader: "An island of professionalism in an ocean of shallow self-interest. Are we ready to hear it?Everything you want to know about coronavirus testing, but don't want to askThe mental illness that can suck your bank account dry in a blinkWhat happens when a country's biggest hospital is the epicentre of a COVID-19 outbreak?Postcode data reveals Victoria's coronavirus hotspotsDon't let coronavirus cause your cancer to go undiagnosedWhat damage remains six months since the last of the monster dust storms? "Reader: "The BEST in the game because of diversity and not aligned to financial products. Over the remainder of 1991, the economy showed no signs of recovery from the recession, and unemployment continued to rise.On 20 December 1991, following his successful leadership challenge, Keating was sworn in as the Throughout his time as Prime Minister, Keating took a number of steps to strengthen and develop bilateral links with Australia's closest neighbours; he frequently said that there was no country in the world that was more important to Australia than Arguably Keating's most far-reaching legislative achievement was the introduction of a As Prime Minister, Keating maintained his aggressive debating style.

Read some of his most memorable quotes. Here are the sectors with the best opportunities.There are plenty of reasons for pessimism as the market has recovered too strongly, but quality stocks with good earnings growth and strong cash generation and balance sheets are still available.Eventually, prices become so extreme they bear no relationship to reality, and a bubble forms.

I believe we are there today, not for all stocks but for many in the technology space.Citi's clients tap into their own views to find investments that suit their portfolios, often working across global boundaries. These quotes have been uttered by Paul Keating (Prime Minister from 1991-1996) Absolute genius at insults,The only PM to make Question Time enjoyable solely for the insults!

The public evidence is not impressive.With historic falls in greenhouse gas emissions during the COVID-19 pandemic, we have a unique opportunity to construct a recovery that ensures a stronger economy while minimising carbon emissions.Register to receive our free weekly newsletter including editorials. The fact is that the farmer..." Allen Rocher: "On a point of order Madame Speaker; Can you please inform the house whether the Treasurer withdrew his comment?" Keating was born in Sydney and left school at the age of 14. Here are some of the zingers he let fly at former prime minister, then opposition leader, John Howard.This one was directed at (then) Shadow Treasurer Andrew Peacock.• “I suppose that the honourable gentleman’s hair, like his intellect, will recede into the darkness.”Australia’s current Prime Minister Tony Abbott, while not known for his rapier rhetoric, has proven why he took up boxing as a younger man: he can certainly cop one on the chin as well as anyone.• “(Mr Abbott) stands for nothing.

Cuffelinks is STILL the one and only weekly newsletter I regularly read. It seems over the last few decades they have spent much of that time devising clever ways to insult each other.• “That is enough to put me into a cold sweat. Jul 05, 2016.

"Noel Whittaker, author and financial adviser: "A fabulous weekly newsletter that is packed full of independent financial advice.
Keating was born in Sydney and left school at the age of 14.

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