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Alberini, meanwhile, says he "never saw them in that light. John of Ephesus mentions him still married to Maurice's mother c. 582. May 1, 2020. Paul had at least four known children. Paul created the advertising, all of it in-house.Sex sold Guess jeans.

Maurice, Byzantine Emperor. Yet a third chain received a particular burden: the Marciano name. The ubiquity of the logo--it's stamped on perhaps two-thirds of the store's merchandise--makes any purchase feel like a submission to idolatry.Nearly 3,000 miles away in a Guess HQ conference room, seated below a picture of another idol, 1990s Guess Girl Claudia Schiffer, Paul defends the future of his family business. Sales have declined for three consecutive years, down to $2.4 billion, and profits have plummeted to just $95 million, the lowest in a decade.

We believe that if it has to be a smaller company, so be it," he says.

Georges, 68, left in a huff in 1993 after selling his stake to his brothers.

"All of this is my handwriting.
"It's no secret that our business has changed drastically," says Paul, whose silver mane stands out against his dark-blue blazer and jeans. A distraught Maurice demanded, at the top of his lungs, that the logos get replaced immediately. They also agreed, despite those plans elsewhere, to sign licensing deals in While the Marcianos had never shared power with anyone, they found a valuable lieutenant in Carlos Alberini, who had spent time at Bon-Ton and the corporate entity that became CVS before joining Guess in 2000. It takes just five words to understand what Paul Marciano once envisioned for Guess , Inc. and the dominating control he and his brothers have exerted on it. "I've never worked for any boss who worked harder than they did," says Karen Ioli, a former licensing vice president who reported first to Georges, then to Paul. All wall art ships within 48 hours and includes a 30-day money-back guarantee.

"Now, I don't think we ever burned the jeans, but there was a theater to Guess," the executive says, "and that order to burn them was part of the theater."

Lots of good memories at raystown with you and Robyn and our children. "They also never seemed able to stick to a strategic plan, a problem that has been catching up with them. Almost as dramatic, the fall in Guess stock since Maurice retired in January 2012: a 30% drop versus the market's 60% climb.Guess has historically struggled to keep its people in the fold and content. )The theater moved out of the offices, as Guess continued to shift away from wholesale to its own branded stores, including in Emboldened, the Marcianos rolled out a handful of new store formats all around the world.

"Byzantine women: varieties of experience 800-1200" (2006) has a passage about her, written by Garland (2006), Chapter "Changing Functions of Monasteries for Women during Byzantine Iconoclasm", pages 7-8 "It's never about the longer-term vision.

"That may ultimately be its undoing, according to numerous ex-employees and Guess began in 1981, with Georges and Maurice first, then Armand and Paul. His brothers hated the idea.

Mercurial, obsessive and opinionated, Paul and his siblings, Maurice, Georges and Armand, erected a denim empire by imposing their will on everything: the jeans (tighter, lighter and more stylish), the marketing (the iconic and voluptuous Guess Girls, most notably Anna Nicole Smith, who turned a workman's staple into a garment as seductive as lingerie) and, yes, even the glowing lettering in the headquarters.For much of their run it was hard to argue with their domineering ways.

Maurice Marciano, Paul's brother, has now been appointed as chairman of the board.

"You could work with senior leadership, establish your three- to five-year plan, and if accessories had two great weeks in a row, half of the store was converting to accessories," says the former vice president.

It was a challenging place to work, difficult at times." "He knew how to be a buffer between the Marcianos and the rest of the organization." In its key North American retail business--still the biggest part of Guess--comparable store sales, a key barometer of a retailer's health, have declined by 4.9% and 3.7%, respectively, in the past two fiscal years.

... We will miss you, my brother.

While the brothers had their own Beverly Hills store, they also sold their jeans to Bloomingdale's, which priced them at a then head-turning $60.

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