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php extract not working

Instead of specifying them in the select query, I just want to use a SELECT *. When you right click on a .zip file (Compressed Folder) and click “Extract All”, it extracts the contents of the .zip file to a folder of your choice, and automatically opens the folder. If your Apache 2 web server is failing to execute PHP files, learn how to quickly remedy this issue. Following up on ktwombley at gmail dot com's post: When using EXTR_PREFIX_ALL - and probably all the other EXTR_PREFIX_* constants - and a numerically-indexed array, extract() will add an underscore ("_") between the prefix and the index. After much frustrated coding, here is how I handled it (might not be the best, but it works): This allows extract to replace that temp-name-only variable with the full array of file upload information. Do not use extract() on untrusted data, like user input (i.e. You might expect to see something like the following: And if you want with PHP 5 an easy way to extract $V by reference, try this :// be careful that if you need to extract $k, $v or $V variables you should find other names for them in the lines above (ie. You must use an associative array; a numerically indexed array The opposite of the previous function is the compact() function, which makes an associative array from variables: All rights reserved. Although all variables created by extract could be examined by explicit watch items and single variables appeared as soon as an PHP script makes use of them I am not sure weather it is a wrong configuration, a feature or a bug in XDebug. W3Schools is optimized for learning, testing, and training. To do this, go back to your terminal window and issue the command:You're ready to restart Apache 2. Meaning, a prefix of 'p' becomes a prefix of 'p_', so 'blarg' prefixed would be 'p_blarg'. Be aware that extract() is not safe if you are working with user data (like results of requests), so it is better to use this function with the flags EXTR_IF_EXISTS and EXTR_PREFIX_ALL. He’s an avid promoter of open source and the voice of The Android Expert. To restart Apache, go back to the terminal window and issue the command:You should now be able to point a browser to a PHP file and watch it execute properly, as opposed to saving to your local drive or displaying code in your browser.That's it--Apache 2 should be functioning exactly as you need.I warned you this would be a simple fix. Considering this is an easy fix, there's no reason to avoid working with PHP and Apache 2.

Then in the php, you can use the $_GET variable to get the data that you wanted. That is it converts array keys into variable names and array values into variable value. As of PHP 4.0.5, this function now returns the number of variables extracted. You can't extract a numeric indexed array(e.g. Only prefix invalid/numeric variable names with Apache 2 is a very admin-friendly web server to configure and manage. This function provides exactly the same functionality as extract except that a parameter was added defining the extract target. variable. The output I got is '0000', which is not correct.

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