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Daugherty observed that Chrisman, nervous upon seeing a policeman in his dorm, was in the midst of hiding a small box in the dorm’s medicine chest. The officers ended up finding more marijuana, as well as LSD.Chrisman was charged with two felonies for possession. 2 : a doctrine that permits the search, seizure, and use of evidence obtained without a search warrant when such evidence was plainly perceptible in the course of lawful procedure and the police had …

This information should not be considered complete, up to date, and is not intended to be used in place of a visit, consultation, or advice of a legal, medical, or any other professional.In full, unrestricted view; visibly, openly, or publicly. plain view doctrine.

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How to use in plain view in a sentence. n. the rule that a law enforcement officer may make a search and seizure without obtaining a search warrant if evidence of criminal activity or the product of a crime can be seen without entry or search. If an officer has legal justification for being in a place and she spots something that is clearly suspect or proscribed, that object may be seized and introduced in a courtroom proceeding. The doctrine is also regularly used by TSA officers while screening persons and property at U.S. airports. in plain view definition in English dictionary, in plain view meaning, synonyms, see also 'plain',plain chocolate',plain clothes',plain flour'. Definition of in plain view in the dictionary. Use of an X-ray machine, on the other hand, is unusual and, therefore, not permissible without a warrant. Additionally, he had no right to search or seize the roommates’ property without a warrant due to the fact that Overdahl posed no risk of destroying evidence or obtaining a weapon, and he couldn’t even escape due to Daugherty blocking the doorway. (59) If all of a person's digital property is in plain view, then the application of The Court of Appeals held that when a police officer enters the curtilage of a home for the purpose of conducting a warrantless search, the officer’s position within the curtilage is not lawful and the warrantless search violates the Fourth Amendment. Police may only seize objects not named in the warrant if those objects are out in plain sight during the search. In order for a search warrant to be valid, it must meet four basic requirements:Police are only permitted to search the area specified, and for the specific items mentioned in the warrant. Similarly, if the officer overhears something because it was uttered out loud so that it was overheard by an officer using normal hearing senses, that may be testified to by the officer. Example: a policeman stops a motorist for a minor traffic violation and can see in the car a pistol or a marijuana plant on the back seat, giving him "reasonable cause" to enter the vehicle to … Ultimately, the Court reversed the Supreme Court of Washington and remanded the case for further proceedings. On January 21, 1978, Officer Daugherty, an officer with the school’s police department, witnessed a student, Overdahl said his identification was in his dorm room, and he asked Daugherty if he would wait for him to get it.

In order to obtain a search warrant, the police must demonstrate that a crime has been committed, and that the items used in connection with the crime are likely to be found in that particular location. He believed the seeds to be marijuana seeds, and the pipe to be one that is used to smoke marijuana.Daugherty entered the room and observed the seeds and pipe, confirming that the seeds were in fact marijuana seeds, and that the pipe smelled like marijuana. The term 'plain view' means out in the open, or otherwise easily observable.

The plain view doctrine allows a police officer to seize objects not described in a warrant when executing a lawful search or seizure if he observes the object in plain view and has probable cause to believe that it is connected with criminal activities.

Plain View Doctrine Law and Legal Definition.

The exception to the requirement for a search warrant to protect one’s rights against unreasonable search and seizure. The plain view doctrine refers to the concept that so long as criminal evidence or contraband is left out “in plain view,” officers conducting a legal search of a property are within their right to seize that evidence.

The plain view doctrine is a concept in criminal law that allows a law enforcement officer to make a search and seizure without obtaining a search warrant if evidence of criminal activity or the product of a crime can be seen without entry or search.

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