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In 1575, Most of the population lived in small townlands, many migrating seasonally to fresh pastures for their cattle. Plantations in Ireland What is a Plantation? The first such scheme was the The O'Moore and O'Connor clans, which occupied the area, had traditionally raided the English-ruled The plantation eventually degenerated, as atrocities were committed against the local civilian population before it was abandoned. In practise, the settlers did not stay on poorer lands, but clustered around towns and the best land. Recent research has shown that although the native Irish land-owning class was subordinated in this period, it never totally disappeared. The common Irish residents were to be relocated to live near garrisons and Protestant churches, the more ready for Protestant control. The Protestant clerics imported were usually all The reaction of the native Irish to the plantation was generally negative. It was instituted as punishment for the As well as the former Geraldine estates (spread through the modern counties of Other sectors of the plantation were equally chaotic. The Irish Catholics formed their own government, Ceci signifie que beaucoup de propriétaires britanniques ont dû prendre des métayers irlandais, ce qui était pourtant interdit pas les termes du contrat d'implantation. Cette carte est une simplifiée, comme dans le cas de certains comtés la superficie des terres colonisées ne couvre pas l'ensemble de la zone colorée. Although peace was eventually restored to Ulster, the wounds opened in the plantation and civil war years were very slow to heal and arguably still fester in Plantations in Ireland. In 1600, most of Ireland was heavily wooded, apart from the bogs. They formed local majorities of the population in the As a result, when the The plan was determined by two factors: first, the Crown wanted to protect the settlement from being destroyed by rebels like the Munster plantation. The O'Moore and O'Connor clans, which occupied the area, had traditionally raided the English-ruled By 1700, Ireland's native woodland had been decimated; it was intensively exploited by the new settlers for commercial ventures such as shipbuilding, as much of the English forests had been destroyed and the navy was becoming a great power. Several native species, such as the Initially the English Undertakers were given detachments of English soldiers to protect them, but these were abolished in the 1590s. Northern Ireland, Irish Free State, British army, History of the Republic of Ireland, Munster Concentration of Irish Protestants in eastern and central World Heritage Encyclopedia™ is a registered trademark of the World Public Library Association, a non-profit organization. By the 1630s, there were 20,000 adult male English and Scottish settlers in Ulster, which meant that the total settler population could have been as high as 80,000 to 150,000. Bourke, "Irish Levies for the Army of Sweden (1609–1610)," Canny, pp. In 1609, Chichester had deported 1300 former Irish soldiers from Ulster to serve in the

So rather than settling the planters in isolated pockets of land confiscated from convicted rebels, they confiscated all of the land and redistributed it, creating concentrations of British settlers around new towns and garrisons.

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