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poland vs ukraine cost of living

$ 2.16 World

There are some very fun and cool local people and a small but nice expat community which is fairly active socially. World Lviv That said, though, it’s a cheap place to be overall with cheap food, drinks, transport and entertainment. Incredibly "tough" city. World

$ 2.53 Avg.

World Private Preschool or Kindergarten, Monthly for 1 Child A little behind development and cleanliness wise than Warsaw and other Eastern European cities, but you can truly see the potential and the upswing. Family of four estimated monthly costs: 9,657 zł; Single person estimated monthly costs: 4,986 zł; Cost of living in Poland is cheaper than in 60% of countries in Eastern Europe (9 out of 15) Cost of living in Poland is cheaper than in …

$ 0.52

Avg. On TravelTables.com we try to collect and analyze as much information about various places in the world as we can. Avg. $ 39.23 $ 303.92 It operates on the Europe/Kiev time zone, GMT: 2. $ 0.72 World Reviews with URLs or emails are removed. I’d recommend it if you like Eastern European food and culture, cheap prices and big city life with a twist.I have lived in Kiev over 6 months in 2017/18. Fun nightlife, good cafes, and cool places to see. A major city but still slowly becoming more English-speaking and international. Lviv Lviv Lviv, Ukraine. World

It's the largest "small" city in I lived in Warsaw for 5 months and loved it! You can only add one review per city or it replaces/edits your old one.


World Lviv World

Avg. Lviv Lviv Avg. $ 2.38 Avg. Coordinates: 49.84 latitude and 24.02 longitude. Lviv World

Avg. Definitions. Lviv World I find Parisians are actually very patient and warm if you at least atI have been living in London for over 2 years as a student. $ 3.02


Lviv $ 0.33 If you need a temporary mobile phone contract, this is very cheap, I payed approx. $ 12.51 Lviv $ 3.58 $ 75.65

Average salaries also included.

$ 3.59

Beautiful capital which is really affordable to live at.The capital is getting more expensive, but it’s still relatively cheap.

$ 12,266.56

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