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But I’d have to be able to look and know, ‘where am I going to be’. They always did before but before it felt like record labels shoved it down your throat more. Like, “oh this guy’s career, it kind of took off, dah dah dah dah” if that makes sense.When I started working with Post, he had 600 followers.What really started to get traction was when we put out “White Iverson”. I'm addicted to learning and love sharing what I learn with you here. It was crazy… I think Kanye West had a concert back in the day, and I took him to the show, and it was after that we became closer. I call it the A Team and the B Team.When I first sign a new artist, I generally like to go back and look at what they’ve done, hope and pray they haven’t put out too much, try to clean it up, try to clean up their image. You can tell when something is generated, and what’s the word – manufactured – you can tell when it’s manufactured.I met him through one or two industry guys. I didn’t discover him; I grew up with him, I knew him. Dre has worked with Post for the past 5 years, helping him rise from 600 followers to a GRAMMY Winning, triple platinum-selling global superstar. I really just look at overall, everything, and start putting out the message of how I see it.Yeah I do, but don’t get me wrong, I’d also take on an artist that’s already out there. Post Malone has claimed he has seen a number of UFOs, with his first sighting when he was 16. "The 'Better Now' singer also said he believes ghosts 'are real".

So, I don’t know, the longest… 2 days?Wow. There were other people in the house, but I just knew he had something special. If you are serious about contacting Post Malone, the Post Malone contact directory available exclusively from is just what you need. One click in the day, like you can get a phone call, and everything changes. But I was there with like f*****' four other people, and they saw it too. Very.

Do you get what I mean?Yup. In January 2017, Post Malone's manager Dre London, born Andre Jackson, was in the type of bind typically reserved for action movies: He had to come up … Including the artist. In Tarzana, looking down at the ****** city. Go around, like let someone else tell me that’s close to me, like, “yo you should have a listen to this it’s actually good.” I’ll listen a bit more than if it’s just thrown at me.Don’t get me wrong though, you have to take your best shot. You know, I wasn’t even thinking of it or calling it a manager, I was looking at it as a business partner. When you know, you know.I remember him telling me all nonchalant, like just walking in from the car that night, and just coming in the house like, “ok so you’re my manager” — and I’m like, “oh, thanks” I think he saw the passion.

Try to just see where I’m going and put across my experience, and what I see, and if they like it. Just keeping them, what’s the word — just keep pushing them and pushing them when they are vulnerable, and before they know it they find themselves, finding themselves. Even now after receiving a “Manager of the Year Award” But it’s never easy because you have to understand — they put so much trust in you, it’s their Uh huh. My biggest lesson is, probably, don’t leave your talent in anyone else’s hands thinking that someone else is going to do the work for you.

This guy’s a hustler. Talent, drive, passion. So, I used to scratch and try and mix with them. No Sunday’s at church.Sometimes you have to take a day or two off.

Very, very hard.Kind of the same, but the dating phase is a lot more short when you become well known, and this is your work. Back in the day it seemed like there was too many gatekeepers if that makes sense. Now, it’s what the kids want. I went from learning in general, a lot of ups and downs, mistakes then. I started working, I started giving him advice about pushing his career further.Yeah this was at the beginning of his career, before a lot of people knew him. I look at it like it’s both our careers. It has to be everybody hands on deck.

So, that’s when I’d probably say that I first fell for the love of music and grew to music.Then music management wise, I think it was, let me see — might have been 2007 or 2006 I discovered my first artist called Cerose. Post Malone's manager hints at Lil Uzi Vert collaboration(4 May 2020) Music gossip Courtney Love gives Post Malone seal of approval for Nirvana live-stream tribute (23 Apr 2020) So when I started seeing all this stuff, I knew that I had the ear to impact the culture, if that makes sense, because I’m sitting from behind — this guy in London that no one knows — and I put all these things together for “Shot Caller” and all these other records that French did, and that’s when I said, “yo, I can do this”.It was after that, and after a period of time of falling in and out of love with the business, that’s when I started going back and forth to LA. They don’t even know they’re getting better. I was probably 16. Record labels are What they think is hot. A lot. It was mostly grime and garage back then, it wasn’t as big as the hip hop scene is right now over there in the UK. So, I took him to New York on the quest to try and make him big.Yeah as his manager. Very.

I’d DJ at barbecues, birthdays, I was just always finding a reason to DJ. I have a whole team of seven to eight immediate, and then another team outside of that.

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