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Oren Ambarchi Erik Satie, seen as a precursor of minimalism as in much of his music, for example his score for Francis Picabia's 1924 film Entr'acte which consists of phrases, many borrowed from bawdy popular songs, ordered seemingly arbitrarily and repetitiously, providing a rhythmic counterpoint to the film.


Of course, minimalists Steve Reich, Philip Glass, Terry Riley, and LaMonte Young … Andriessen, who has described his music as "avant-garde minimal music that also dealt with jazz from the twenties," has worked closely with the British new music ensemble Icebreaker, a group that often moves in post-minimalist directions.

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Of course, minimalists Steve Reich, Philip Glass, Terry Riley, and LaMonte Young were greatly influenced by non-Western musical traditions, but the post-minimalists would go further to loosen -- or, some might say, water down -- minimalism's formal strictures.

In the '60s and '70s, minimalist composers used such devices as repetitive arpeggios, diatonic scales, phased rhythmic patterns, and constrained dynamic ranges to bring "serious" music into the public sphere with greater success than nearly any other 20th century classical or avant-garde development.

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1,457 Steve Roden Javascript is required to view shouts on this page. Post-minimalism began circa 1980 and built upon the foundation laid down by minimalism's first practitioners.


Music writer and composer Kyle Gann cites several major composers in a first wave of post-minimalism as the '70s ended and the '80s began -- William Duckworth, Janice Giteck, Daniel Lentz, Ingram Marshall, and Jonathan Kramer -- and Gann also mentions the influences they drew from as they moved beyond minimalism, ranging from Messiaen to Balinese music to U.S. patriotic tunes.

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