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presidential citizens medal 2001

Yesterday Hillary and Chelsea and I went to Foundry Methodist Church, which has been our home church since we've been in Washington, and they asked me to speak on reflections and anticipations. How long had citizen Trump waited, for a moment like this?Why the he’ll hadn’t Rick gotten this before? [His enthusiasm has never wavered. Jack Greenberg has been at the center of the action. And we thank him for the memories.As a young man, Arthur Schneier fled his homeland and survived the Holocaust as a refugee. The man is truly a Hero in every sense of the word. He has served as international envoy for four administrations, including my own.As Chairman of the U.S. Commission for the Preservation of America's Heritage Abroad and as the long-time rabbi of Park East Synagogue in New York City, Rabbi, I thank you for all the many things you have done here with me the last 8 years to promote religious liberty around the world, and I thank you for a lifetime of good work and good examples.

He also correctly predicted that the buildings were a target for an aircraft to be flown into, and wanted Morgan Stanley to move their offices out of that area and over to New Jersey. A key strategist in the civil rights movement, sheargued nine winning cases before the Supreme Court. He gave his adopted country everything he had, including his life.

And I said I had many anticipations. That’s is the biggest thing of all and puts everything else in crystal clear perspective.

Our schools are stronger and our children's future brighter because of his decades of dedicated leadership.When Pope John the 23d urged Catholics to engage in the world and address the needs of the poor, Sister Carol Coston, an Adrian Dominican nun, answered the call. May Mr. Rescorla never be forgotten. Truly amazing man.His going back in was in complete accord w/LTCOL Moore dictum for one in a leadership position to never leave ANYONE behind – he had actually gotten out of the building but went back up to be absolutely sure. He has always fought for quality schools, smaller classes, making sure that teachers are meeting high professional standards, and in turn, are treated as the professionals they are. I would like to thank all of you for coming and welcome you to the White House, but especially the Members of Congress who either are or have been here. [One of the greatest honors I have had as President has been the opportunity to recognize and to honor, on behalf of the American people, the rich and diverse accomplishments of our fellow citizens. I chose him as my White House Counsel because of his unmatched ability as a legal advocate and his even deeper devotion to the Constitution and the rule of law. We honor you today, sir, along with the Members of the United States Congress, including your friend, Senator Domenici, who had the vision to support you when you began, before we could see this great turn in the road. She has not only raised—[Elizabeth Taylor has brought to life unforgettable characters on film, but she has brought even more hope to millions around the world. And may the day come when all Americans can witness to their heroes freely and openly, without fear of punishment, and in open discourse and manly/mature interaction. As a soldier in World War II, as a lawyer for the New York Legal Aids Society, a community planner for his beloved city of Akron, a Congressman from Ohio fighting for civil rights and arms control—in all arenas he has contributed to community and country. (Applause.)

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