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One match: sticks in the assigned subcategoryC. That takes like a minute.If you are serious about controlling your money you should really have that 10-20 min a month to do that.Doiing this and learning Python alongside!This was my goal when I started learning a few years ago and I’ve finally done it AND refactored it with classes (which feels like a decent milestone) =DI manually download the CSV (though I’ve been learning about selenium lately and I’m pretty sure I could get it happening automatically), import it as a dataframe with pandas and do some very minor cleaning.I’ve organised mine into classes (income, expense), categories (food, car, entertainment, holidays etc) and subcategories (within car: registration, insurance, services/repairs, fuel etc)I have a JSON file that contains the mapping of each subcategory to a category and class and another that maps keywords to subcategories.For each description in the statement, the program does a search for each keyword and either: A. I guess if you were to throw some proper AI/learning stuff against this that might help, but still.I assume there is a reason that my bank still has this huge category of 'miscellaneous'Yeah I used to do budgeting in quicken years ago. then usally after the import everything is already labeled. My first project is done and dusted. I think that might be the hardest bit.Can't MoneyBrilliant access your bank's API then just use the CSV from it?I’m building one myself right now, but a rather complex one, take a look: Edit: I've also built an automatic classifier for my bank statements using SkLearn You can take a look here: If your bank has an open API, it should be pretty simple to get your statement, if it doesn't you can use Selenium to automatically download the OFX statements (there's a library to parse OFX as well) - but that's just specific for each bank.I like it! I'm sure one could use SQL alchemy if they wanted. For more information about the cookies we use or to find out how you can disable cookies, You have disabled non-critical cookies and are browsing in private mode. This example help me to start my own tool: Models could be adapted to sqlalchemy.

Software required: Juypiter Notebook, SQLite, Python 3.6 or laterVictoria Clark is a Financial Management Consultant with a background in Finance projects and systems, and her current interest is the how finance is evolving for the Digital Age.Sign up to get immediate access to this course plus thousands more you can watch anytime, anywhere.We use cookies to make interactions with our websites and services easy and meaningful. It’s the only thing that my wife and I actually keep using. I have to manually download monthly statements (2FA on all my accounts make scraping improbable). and then import it.c. I learn pretty slowly as it turns out.This was really im a total newbie something to look forward to thanksThis is next on my list of projects to tackle!Wanted to but my bank offers no API and the alternatives are expensive or not very secure.I was manually downloading sheets and dumping them but it became boring so i left that project.The best tool for managing your finances is I really like YNAB. (I don't want to learn it. Automate Financial Forecasting tasks with Python. And they have a full api so I can do fun python/iot stuff like displaying grocery budget on little oled screen in the kitchen.Why pandas?

Reporting on your schema should be pleasant. groceries) and as I get new transactions, I use the categories sent by the bank to filter records into the related budget categories.This is totally automated because of Plaid and I don't have to do any manual data import. Or ask them to send it by mail.e. Start small, and grow it step by step.I am attempting to do this with sqlite. if you are that lazy I would assume you could just use selenium to log into your bank account and export it automatically. Most banks have apps for companies where you can shedule automated csv export (at least thats how I do it at work).b. I automated my girlfriend's meal selection after 2 days of Automate the Boring Stuff with Python.

Budget Automation in Python -- Part 1: Introduction - YouTube When you’re finished with this course, you will have the skills and knowledge of building a relevant forecast that is automated by Python. I’m looking for some good examples of managing personal banking data to budget and reporting on it. Window functions, grouping sets, and recursive CTEs can help a lot. It is very limited, bit you can add numerous features. It would connect to my credit cards and download the transactions for me so that part was simple but actually correctly categorizing everything was too much work.

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