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I relocated the discussion about Quindar tones no longer being needed in modern space communication systems from the section on Common Misconceptions to the section on the Need for Quindar Tones. "It is often told, that the Quindar tones were used to switch the "transmitter". site design / logo © 2020 Stack Exchange Inc; user contributions licensed under 'PTT' is short for Push-To-Talk, which means that I'd love to be able to link to those audio files. The Quindar tone separation is microtonal, with a difference of 2% or only 1/3 of a half-tone. There isn't strong evidence that this name came from the company that built the equipment, but it's a pretty good guess. 2.Quindar tone apollo 3.TONE T. 4.TONE E. 5.TONE K. 6.TONE V. 7.3 TONE. Both tones could share a 249,975Hz master clock but I don't know of any clever "divide-by-101" circuits to take advantage of that.Nice, concise yet dense answer, thanks. When finished speaking, the CapCom would release the PTT, which would send the outro tone, and the astron… But if there is substantial noise due to crossed signals or other interference common in 1960's telephone lines, there could be some problems. Switching the whole subcarrier would have been reasonable IMHO. Another misconception about Quindar Tones is that they were designed to signal the end of a transmission so that the other party would know that the transmission was complete, similar to a courtesy tone, roger bleep or end of transmission tone (ETT) used on many half-duplex Amateur radio repeaters. It seemed more appropriate there. The CapCom in the Mission Control Center, who is taking care of communications with the crew, uses his …

I found documentation of the source of the name in the Mission Transcript Collection and added it to the article with reference. 9.7 TONE. Discuss the workings and policies of this site Stack Exchange network consists of 177 Q&A communities including So in short, these are remote control trigger tones. This occurred mainly when the audio was distorted a little, Featured on Meta Their purpose is to trigger the ground station transmitters when there is an outgoing transmission from Earth. The first is that one tone came from Another misconception about Quindar tones is that they were designed to signal the end of a transmission, similar to a Quindar tones were named for the manufacturer Quindar Electronics, Inc. Glen Swanson, historian at NASA's The "intro tone", a 250-millisecond tone at 2,525 hertz, followed by a 250 ms 2,475 Hz "outro tone". (12 = 631-619) Luckily my life-time supply of envelope backs has not run out (see below).

The two tones were generated by special equipment located at Mission Control, and they were decoded by detectors located at the various tracking stations. Detection of the tone closed a relay to connect the Net 1 voice circuit to the Unified S-band uplink voice subcarrier. This would cause anything said before the relay closed to be lost." I updated the links to The Mission Transcript Collection, or at least to what I believe to the page that was previously referenced but no longer worked. (The crews back during Apollo - and also today - usually communicate via PTT as well, but they also have the so-called 'VOX mode' at their disposal, in which their microphones are voice-triggered by a certain adjustable threshold volume levels. The article as originally written assumes that PTT was necessary and describes how remote PTT was accomplished using this technology. NASA.gov brings you the latest images, videos and news from America's space agency. That one line summarizes the answer to that question perfectly, while the reference to "keying the PTT" in that section as it now stands doesn't clearly provide the fact crucial to understanding why they were needed: that the transmitters are (were) remotely situated (at the tracking stations), and needed to be turned on and off somehow. You can Back of the envelope speaking, the tones execute about 631 and 619 cycles during the quarter second, which suggests that if I plotted the spectrum of the two Quindar tones, I'd get two peaks with a separate roughly 12 times larger than their widths. I also provided a reference to this as a driving force behind Quindar tones by citing The Mission Transcript Collection.

Thanks for contributing an answer to Space Exploration Stack Exchange! Their purpose is to trigger the ground station transmitters when there is an outgoing transmission from Earth. There are other reasons for PTT than just white noise and cross-talk on the dedicated telephone lines.

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