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The Provisional Irish Republican Army was an Irish republican paramilitary organisation that wanted to unite Ireland, by using armed force to remove Northern Ireland from the United Kingdom, mainly during The Troubles era. The IMC said they tried to create troubles to lure police forth, while they have also taken to On 10 March 2009 the CIRA claimed responsibility for the fatal shooting of a PSNI officer in In 2005, several members of the CIRA, who were serving prison sentences in The Continuity IRA was responsible in 2007 for shooting dead of two of its members who left the organisation and attempted to create their own organisation. It emerged from a split in the Provisional IRA in 1986 but did not become active until the Provisional IRA ceasefire of 1994. During that time, about 10,000 people were members. Upon leaving the CIRA, they had allegedly taken a number of guns with them.In July 2010, members of a "militant Northern-based faction within the CIRA" led by a well known member from south Derry claimed to have overthrown the leadership of the organisation. The killing has sparked a backlash against the hardliners who … It was the first GAC in 16 years.

They also suspect that the Continuity IRA arsenal contains some weapons that were taken from Provisional IRA arms dumps, including a few dozen rifles, machine guns, and pistols; a small amount of the explosive Like the Real IRA, the Continuity IRA still retains on to some weapons some of its members stole from The Gardaí later discovered some of this equipment belong mainly to the Real IRA in bunkers and training camps in County Meath. The Continuity Irish Republican Army or Continuity IRA (CIRA) is an Irish republican paramilitary group that aims to bring about a united Ireland.It emerged from a split in the Provisional IRA in 1986 but did not become active until the Provisional IRA ceasefire of 1994. Like the Provisional IRA before it, the CIRA sees itself as the direct continuation of the original To date, it has been responsible for the death of one PSNI officer.The Continuity IRA has its origins in a split in the Provisional IRA. The CIRA continues to oppose the The CIRA has been involved in a number of bombing and shooting incidents. Targets of the CIRA have included the The CIRA continued to be active in both planning and undertaking attacks on the PSNI. Its violent activities formally ended in 1997. Although the Garda Síochána had suspicions that the organisation existed, they were unsure of its name, labelling it the "Irish National Republican Army".It was only after the Provisional IRA declared a ceasefire in 1994 that the Continuity IRA became active, announcing its intention to continue the campaign against British rule. The original Irish Republican Army (IRA) fought a guerrilla war against British rule in Ireland in the Irish War of Independence between 1919 and 1921.

It split from the Irish Republican Army (IRA) in 1969. They also claimed that an Army Convention representing "95 per cent of volunteers" had unanimously elected a new 12-member Army Executive, which in turn appointed a new seven-member Army Council. Real IRA member Alan Ryan,Much of its weaponry is believed to be mostly of Provisional IRA origin such as the Romanian Initially, the Continuity IRA did not reveal its existence, either in the form of press statements or paramilitary activity.

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