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recall in a sentence

Years later he vividly recalled the impression their conversation made on him, as the two fr iends talked about the week's events, academic and political. Neither public memor ials nor eloquent public speeches recalling the heroism of the dead could fill the void. : She was blessed with a wonderful memory and sense of recall and retained her faculties to the end. Memory span was operationalised as the length of the last correctly recalled sequence. Finally, we need to consider the issue of recalling a single versus a repeated experience. After each list, children recalled as many words as possible. None of the checkpoint supervisors recalled the hijackers or reported anything suspicious regarding their screening. 2, 3), when the time of long endurance and silence was over, to In the latter year we find him conducting the negotiations which resulted in the dismissal of Addington and the The lagoon of Aveiro, the estuary of the Sado and the broad inland lake formed by the Tagus above Lisbon, Portugal is very rarely visited by thunderstorms; but shocks of earthquake are frequently felt, and The Claridades de Sul of Gomes Leal, a militant anti-Christian, at times To understand clearly the nature and origin of the famous conspiracy, it is necessary to Wurzburg is quaintly and irregularly built; many of the houses are interesting specimens of medieval architecture; and the numerous old churches But his mismanagement of the expedition against Fort Fisher, N.C., led to his In 302, although Demetrius was again winning success after success in Greece, Antigonus was obliged to But the fauna of the lake is somewhat rich; a species of seal which inhabits its waters, as well as several species of arctic crustaceans, He withdrew, though very unwillingly and slowly, hoping that a change would come over the marquis and his counsellors, and a message of One of his disciples, who had remained in the state, had been successful in the command of a military expedition, and told the prime minister that he had learned his skill in war from the master, - urging his 5, 1907), forcing the French army, after sustaining several checks, to retire behind the Oglio, where a series of reverses equally unexpected and severe led to the The leaves at once invite a comparison with ferns; the numerous long hairs which form a delicate woolly covering on young leaves The long linear leaves of some species of Podocarpus, in which the lamina is traversed by a single vein, The takin, which may be compared in size to a Kerry cow, is a clumsily built brute with yellowish-brown hair and curiously curved horns, which representation for each political party in proportion to its numerical strength, by providing for first and second choice in voting - the system of preferential voting adopted in Idaho in 1909; and the "Exper., 1888), and many more, need only be mentioned to The present king might be unscrupulous and avaricious, but he was cautious, intelligent and economical; no one would have wished to Therefore it was that when Monk advanced from Scotland and declared for a free arliament, there was little doubt that the new parliament would In the deathless volume of Chatiments, which appeared in 1853, his indignation, his genius, and his faith found such utterance and such expression as must Two quarters of the town, Svenska Mad and Tyska Mad, The latter addressed a letter to the bishop of Rome, Celestine, protesting against his claim to appellate jurisdiction, and urgently requesting the immediate Locke's Reasonableness of Christianity was an attempt to According to Pausanias, Narcissus, to console himself for the death of a favourite twin-sister, his exact counterpart, sat gazing into the spring to The church founded by St Patrick was doubtless in the main identical in doctrine with the churches of Britain and Gaul and other branches of the Western church; but after the Clyn the Franciscan annalist, whose Latinity is so far above the medieval level as almost to But this gave rise to chronic disorders and disputes, which led g p to armed intervention on the part of the Achaeans, who compelled the Spartans to submit to the overthrow of their city walls, the dismissal of their mercenary troops, the He made administrative under progresses through Neustria and Burgundy to The opportunity of founding political liberty upon the vote and the control of taxation, and of organizing the administration of the kingdom so as to ensure that the entire military and financial resources should be always available, was gone beyond By three battles, victories for the enemies of FranceRossbach in Germany, 1V57, Plassey in India, 1757, andQuebec in Canada, 1759 (owing to the The royal declaration of the 23rd of September 1788 convoked the states-general for the Ist of May 1789, and the fall of Brienne and Lamoignon followed the police, the prostration before authority, the sympathy pabikan lavished on royalists, the From the year 1665 the colony had been successfully administered by three remarkable men - Daniel de Remy de Courcelle, the governor, Jean Talon, the intendant, and the marquis de Tracy, who had been appointed lieutenantgeneral for the French king in America; but a difference of opinion had arisen between the governor and the intendant, and each had demanded the other's The progress of events during the next few years proved that the The chastisements of erring Jews are of short duration, and intended to There are a number of residences of 18th century architecture, and the names of several of the streets - such as King George's, Prince George's, Hanover, and Duke of Gloucester - In 1788 the country, which had at the bidding of the literary guests of Madame Necker come to believe that Necker was the only minister who could "stop the deficit," as they said, demanded Necker's Necker's dismissal brought about the taking of the Bastille, which induced the king to His letters to Congress, in which he expressed his suspicion of Deane's business integrity and criticized his accounts, resulted in Deane's The predominance of stone and brick as building materials, the dominating cathedral spire, and the well-planted parks, avenues and private gardens, The memories surrounding his exile were deeply buried, but he did Determined first to get rid of her cotton mouth and then to kill Jake, she wrenched open the door, blinded by the hall light she didn't Her perspective of everything was too different now for her to "Inside.

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