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The only thing Trump accomplishes by threatening to out the whistleblower is to intimidate others into silence. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts Posted by 8 months ago.

Obviously the answer is no. )Are there any legal or regulatory reasons why a whistleblower must identify themselves?Explicitly no, in fact legally the whistleblower is guaranteed this exact protection(Agency Watchdogs) “shall not, after receipt of a complaint or information from an employee, disclose the identity of the employee without the consent of the employee, unless the inspector general determines such disclosure is unavoidable”Heres another relevant article on the subject from NYT Per your source the protection of the identity only applies to the inspector general.Since we know that congressional staffers know the identity there is no law that would give those staffers any protections for withholding the name.In order not to get your comment removed, please familiarize yourself with our If you see a comment that violates any of these essential rules, click the associated However, please note that the mods will not remove comments reported for lack of neutrality or poor sources.

by outside agencies/organizations (e.g. It's pretty embarrassing that we've come to this level of ignoranceNew comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be castA heavily moderated community dedicated to evenhanded, empirical discussion of political issues. The whistleblower's attorney isn't happy. NeutralPolitics is a serious discussion-based subreddit. We do not allow bare expressions of opinion, low effort one-liner comments, jokes, memes, off topic replies, or pejorative name calling.Another way of asking this is should we completely ignore a crime that is reported if it comes from a perceived biased source?

NeutralPolitics is a serious discussion-based subreddit. Regardless of whether the original complaint comes from a partisan individual or a impartial patriot, the role of an investigative body (in this case, congress) is to evaluate the credibility of the accusations presented.The New York Times put together a pretty neat outline of the original complaint recently which highlights which areas of the complaint have been corroborated by other sources (including by the white house itself. With regard to the Trump-Ukraine whistleblower complaint and the presidential impeachment process, from a legal/constitutional perspective, does the identity of the whistleblower matter, or only the whistleblower's assertions?Does the identity of the whistleblower affect the procedure for employees and contractors of specified federal intelligence agencies to report complaints or information to Congress about serious problems involving intelligence activities outlined in the Intelligence Community Whistleblower Protection Act of 1998?Does the identity of the whistleblower have any other legal effects?Are there any legal or regulatory reasons why a whistleblower must identify themselves?In addition to what others have said, it should be noted that "from a constitutional/legal perspective" is something different here from most other areas. Actually, let’s take it even further, this is the tenth report he has written in an attempt to get Trump impeached but the other ones never stuck.How does that change anything about where we are now?Impeachment is a power guarenteed to the house and the house alone. The subject of your sentence should be "the evidence" or "this source" or some other noun directly related to the topic of conversation.

The Washington Post reports that the effort to identify the whistleblower has become “a fixation” on both social media and conservative news sites.. "You" statements are suspect.I for one find it very convienent that Democrats only NOW care about protecting whistle blowers, when under Obama, his admin prosecuted more whistle blowers than all administrations before him combined.If Democrats care about whistle blowers then why do i see so much hate for Julian Assage?With regard to the Trump-Ukraine whistleblower complaint and the presidential impeachment process, from a legal/constitutional perspective, does the identity of the whistleblower matter, or only the whistleblower's assertions?Hello, this comment has been removed for violating rules 2 and 3.2) Source your facts. Reddit has decided against removing the whistleblower's identity from posts on its website. He finally found one and wrote up a whistleblower report. Grassley Refuses to Consider Trump Nominees Without Explanation for Termination of Two Inspectors GeneralLawyers for WikiLeaks Whistleblower Chelsea Manning Demand Her Release Archived.

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