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richard hofstadter the american political tradition

Historical novels, fictionalized biographies, collections of pictures and cartoons, books on American regions and rivers, have poured forth to satisfy a ravenous aThough it is a mid-Twentieth Century text, Hofstadter shows right off in the introduction that he has an intuitive grasp of the American mind: "Since Americans have recently found it more comfortable to see where they have been than to think of where they are going, their state of mind has become increasingly passive and spectatorial. What partially saves the banality of this approacWhat the author describes as "a young man's book" is what reads today as a series of barely polemical character studies of a bunch of historically prominent American men. 378 pp.

The result was that political history was rendered sterile; in this whole period, the best scholars preferred to deal with other phases of American development.Hofstadter breaks with the pattern.

The book's general thesis - that the American Political Tradition is by and large an ongoing defense of the property rights of the well-off - seems correct.

The prose is lively and passionate, and Hofstadter takes little pains to clothe his scorn in the dispassionate language of academic convention (fun to read).Not at all what I was expecting, but a great read none the less. His works include the… Richard Hofstadter (1916–1970) was one of the leading American historians and intellectuals of the twentieth century.

$4.00.. For the last quarter-century and more, a dull dead hand has rested over the writing of American political history. Written in sprightly prose, unflagging in its interest, this is popular history at its best.Gratified as we must be with what Hofstadter has given us, we must nevertheless recognize the limitations of his treatment. Nonetheless, this early 30-something historian spins some good fables, they're combed out warmly. Specifically: the belief that the function of Government should be as the protector of free enterprise, the protector of equality of opportunity, This isn't so much a comprehensive summary of the political history of the United States, so much as it is a series of biographical sketches which sets out to demonstrate that despite party differences and sometimes intense personal animosity, all leading political figures in the history of the United States fall within the same 'Political Tradition.' His works include the… Sign up for news about books, authors, and more from Penguin Random HouseVisit other sites in the Penguin Random House NetworkBy clicking Sign Up, I acknowledge that I have read and agree to Penguin Random House's The Great Migration was the movement of six million African Americans out of the South to urban areas in the Northeast, Midwest, and West between 1...The American Political Tradition and the Men Who Made ItThe title of this book is a touch misleading - what Hofstadter The title of this book is a touch misleading - what Hofstadter Hofstadter writes very well and makes big claims, which is a pleasant change from a lot of contemporary history.

Lasch’s introduction to my edition, though itself dated, does a swell job locating this at the beginning of history’s turn away from Beard’s exclusively-economic interpretations of the American Revolution and more.

I loved the opposing viewpoints Hofstadter presented in this book, even down to the paradoxical chapter names. My only gripe is that I feel that he completely missed the mark in his analysis of Theodore Roosevelt's progressivism, which he characterizes as overcompensation for self-percieved deficiencies and political necessity. He is the first historian who has, in my mind, made sense of Andrew Jackson and Woodrow Wilson's legacies and one of the best analyses of FDR's growth from reluctant progressive to figure-head of modern American Liberalism. My favorite works of his focus on American political thought and the history of American politics.Richard Hofstadter was an eminent historian, who wrote well on significant issues. His prose is brief, well formulated, and easily readable, a problem in Sean WIlentz's "The Rise of American Democracy." For Charles Olson, who worked in the Office of War Information until about 11 months before the great man, FDR, died, U.S. participation in the war had been a mistake made in spite of the people, who not-uncommonly were divided about the various theaters of conflict well into 1942.

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