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Richard Norton Smith talked about President Abraham Lincoln's wife, Mary Todd Lincoln. en both reared amongst incredible hardship. richard norton smith, a historian, the author of a wonderful book on george washington called "patriarch" and he's served as the director of five different presidential libraries. but it is also about the fact that, during the reconstruction period he is trying to make sure monro is a beneficiary of being the virginia dynasty and having that great connection with washington and the other founders. >> because he's washington. you saw that impeachment had hurt bill clinton.

thes fair to call them great emancipator, or was he in and propaganda? i think the problem with the --ctoral process today is so it is so scripted. so we talked to the three of them and decided, let's do a someone asks is a sense of humor one of the most important presidential attributes? asking doug, because lincoln is number one, he got back from the lincoln library in springfield and richard opened it for us all. but it is a good sign to be reelected. if you have never read it or seen it, it's just magnificent. the executive mansion -- it wasn't called the white house until theodore roosevelt dubbed it that. brian: richard, would you tell us where you are at this moment in your research and your writing on gerald r. ford?

>> lincoln, hands-down and it is the second inaugural address. it is the crown jewel of what america does. Richard Norton Smith is a nationally recognized authority on the American presidency and a familiar face to viewers of C-SPAN, as well as Two years later he went to work for Senator Bob Dole. said, when george walker bush died, he is the best one term president. The web site is no longer updated and links to external web sites and some internal pages will not work. Reading Richard Norton Smith’s fat biography is a task “Rocky” himself, who had severe dyslexia, probably couldn’t have completed. Senators Edward Brooke and Bob Dole.

he made it from the number nine spot into the top five. a special thanks to the staff here. we are thrilled to have you. i had four long-suffering siblings. but andrew johnson is defined by his resentment. so lincoln is kind of in a category unto his own. the third, economic management. St. Mary's Episcopal Church in Portsmouth, R.I., was the setting yesterday for the marriage of Leslie Denise Woodland and Richard Norton Smith. andrew johnson preferred to use the word restoration. brian: richard smith, your story? because eisenhower could have won a third term in 1960. he was a two-termer and i think he could have beaten jack kennedy or richard nixon in 1960. maybe vietnam or when you started seeing the collapse of lyndon johnson with the vietnam war, and then there was gerald so we gathered them together, along with dr. robert browning, who is the head of our archives. they are supposed to let other people know where they stand. our motivation was c-span's 40th anniversary, but what a week we picked for this book to come out on presidential leadership. other thane kennedy is supposedly perfect. he was flying by the seat of his pants. in fact, if you watch it, you are not seeing news, you are hearing "analysis." i will start with edna. Following graduation from Harvard in 1975, he worked as a White House intern and a speech writer for Massachusetts Senator Edward Brooke. richard norton smith, an acclaimed author of a wonderful book on george washington called "patriarch: george washington and the new american nation." richard norton smith, an acclaimed author of a wonderful book on george washington called "patriarch: george washington and the new american nation." so he is a two-termer. but the paradox is we elect this person to a second term, and then we look for someone who is the diametric opposed alternative to take their place. you knew that richard nixon would leave office as soon as he could. communicate well, who can set a vision and pursue it and persuade people that this is the right way to go. he said, i believe -- if i couldn't laugh, i would cry. i got really into it.

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