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Not just on the air but owning. Support the #RolandMartinUnfiltered Daily Digital Show today. We must always be in control of our narrative.Now is the time for us to speak truth to power. #RolandMartinUnfiltered 9.10.18: Dallas cop who shot Black man is free; folks still hot over Serena Williams actions at the US Open.

Because of today’s technology, we will be able to bring you these events – unfiltered.You can also expect to see and participate in these live events across the country, such as town halls, one-on-one interviews, as well as pop up events.My team has done this for the past six months, broadcasting speeches, lectures and rallies from all across the country, as well major events such as Operation HOPE’s Global Hope Forum; the 50th anniversary commemoration of the assassination of the Rev. #RolandMartinUnfiltered will be a daily show broadcast from Washington, DC, that will focus on news, politics, culture, entertainment, social justice, sports, education, business, and finance. We see that all too often.We saw it last year when traditional news outlets rushed to interview Black women who hit the ground hard to elect Doug Jones to the U.S. Senate in Alabama. We will stream the show live, and then re-stream it several times over a 24-hour period and make it available for video on demand. Wells used the power of her pen to fight against lynching, even as she faced mobs that wanted her killed.But today, we’re seeing fewer voices of color in radio, television and online media. You will be treated to some of the top minds in education, public policy, and academia, discussing the news of the day and why it matters to us.We will also hit the road and broadcast from cities across America, holding town halls and forums to hear what the people – not just the DC pundits – have to say.You will see one-on-interviews with authors, artists and other top names, going deep to get at what matters to us.We will also do something different: you won’t just see it once a day. This is #RolandMartinUnfiltered.Pretty cool, huh? In addition, we will offer a video and audio podcast of the show. International Reporting Fellow And I can’t wait to share some of the other folks we are talking to, once we finalize those deals.But when I say powered by the people that also means YOU!This show won’t require a cable subscription or be hidden behind a digital pay wall.

This is why we want this to be Powered By The People. Her campaign was ignored by traditional media outlets, which just assumed the powerful Crowley would coast to victory. Roland Martin Launches Daily Digital Show On Sept. 4; NEW! Grammy Award Winning Music Icon will be a guest on Roland Martin Unfiltered: Daily Digital Show 6-9PM EST Streaming LIVE on The Roland S Martin YouTube Channel. I talked to them on the Tom Joyner Morning Show and TV One, but here we are today, just a few months out from the mid-term election, and where will the Dejuana Thompsons and Adrianne Shropshires and LaTosha Browns and Stephanie James’s and Melanie Campbells and Rosa Clementes go to raises their voices BEFORE the election?What about the awesome working being done by our civil rights groups like the NAACP Legal Defense Fund and Lawyers Committee for Civil Rights Under Law? We are living in a world where trust matters. Checkout; Cart; My account; Speaking; … We need to hear from them DAILY regarding the vital work they are doing to counter the shameful efforts to deny us the right to vote. I’ve had millennials, Gen X’ers, Baby Boomers, preachers, teachers, CEOs, entertainers, sports figures, men and women, some in tears, tell me how much they learned each day, and how vital it was to start their mornings with news and information for us and by us.That’s why I’m proud, excited and humbled today to announce that on September 4, I will launch a daily digital show that will give a voice to the voiceless and speak truth to power on the issues of the day. The show will report on news and current events that are important to people of color, covering a wide range of topics including politics, social justice, sports, education, business, finance, entertainment, and pop culture. #RolandMartinUnfiltered is a daily show broadcast from Washington, DC, that will focus on news, politics, culture, entertainment, social justice, sports, education, business, and finance. Washington DC. That is Terry Ellis and Cindy Herron of EnVogue. There are a lot of things happening every day across the nation that mainstream America simply ignores. And what is happening and how it affects not just those on Main Street but also on MLK Street.Last week, the political world was stunned when Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, a 28-year-old first time candidate, beat longtime Democratic incumbent Joe Crowley, in the New York congressional primary.

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