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The most important company was an amateur guild called the Confrérie de la Passion, which held a monopoly on acting in Paris. Teatro Olympico in Vicenza, is the oldest surviving theatre constructed during the Italian Renaissance. People of the time placed a heavy focus on decorum, or dignified behavior, and realism, and they believed that the primary reasons for a play were to provide entertainment and to teach a lesson. The Renaissance came late to France, in part because of its civil war. In doing so, the audience was enlightened, educated and entertained.As a professional writer since 1985, Bridgette Redman's career has included journalism, educational writing, book authoring and training. What would it be like to be a member of that society and watch Are they offended?

The key theoretical work on theatre from this period was Tragedy in the last two decades of the century and the first years of the eighteenth century was dominated by productions of classics from Pierre Corneille and Racine, but on the whole the public's enthusiasm for tragedy had greatly diminished: theatrical tragedy paled beside the dark economic and demographic problems at the end of the century and the "comedy of manners" (see below) had incorporated many of the moral goals of tragedy. The origins of farce and comic theatre remain equally controversial; some −literary historians believe in a non-liturgical origin (among "jongleurs" or in pagan and folk festivals), others see the influence of liturgical drama (some of the dramas listed above include farcical sequences) and monastic readings of Non-dramatic plays from the 12th and 13th centuries: joke? Full Text People living in this period also usually expected actors to be as realistic as possible and to portray their characters exactly as they would have behaved. The play, unlike tragedy, ended happily because the heroine agreed to marry the man who had killed her father a few hours earlier. Elegant people watched the show from the galleries. 16th-century French theatre followed the same patterns of evolution as the other literary genres of the period. These rules precluded many elements common in the baroque "tragi-comedy": flying horses, chivalric battles, magical trips to foreign lands and the These "rules" or "codes" were seldom completely followed, and many of the century's masterpieces broke these rules intentionally to heighten emotional effect:

Productions ultimately were supposed to fulfill the purposes of teaching some moral lesson and entertaining. It also meant that justice would be delivered when necessary, so there generally were no surprise endings in Neoclassical theatre in the sense that characters with sound moral judgment always were rewarded, and those who had made poor or evil choices were punished.

If they didn't, then the play should, at some point, ensure that they were punished for their failure to exhibit proper decorum. empty-headed.

Linked with the theatrical unities are the following concepts: The lower and middle classes were appropriate subjects for comedy.The phrase "poetic justice" had real meaning for the French neoclassicists and their dramatists.

At first simply dramatizations of the ritual, particularly in those rituals connected with Christmas and Easter (see Dramatic plays in French from the 12th and 13th centuries:
Kings should act like kings, servants should act like servants and everyone else should be strictly true to their roles in society. To aid, the three rules of reality, morality and generality were to be followed; unity of time, place and action. And the idea of the "divine right of kings" (that kings were authorized to rule as God's representatives on earth) was losing its hold as the rule of kings became more precarious. When the consumer is a person in power, the villain of the piece is going to look quite different. Given that it was impossible to lower the house lights, the audience was always aware of each other and spectators were notably vocal during performances.

The classical unities, Aristotelian unities, or three unities represent a prescriptive theory of dramatic tragedy that was introduced in Italy in the 16th century and was influential for three centuries. Sometimes, those in the play also used masks, keeping with the commedia dell'arte style.In many cases, playwrights would provide only a loose outline of a plot, and the actors were expected to improvise to fill in any gaps.

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