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With the Royal Navy supporting the Swedish battle fleet there was little the Russian battle fleet could accomplish. It … Other notable effects were the Swedish parliament's adoption of a new constitution and the establishment of the House of Bernadotte, the new Swedish royal house, in 1818. On 30 August, the Swedish coastal fleet defeated its Russian adversaries at the The Swedish situation was further weakened by being at war with France and Denmark, both of whom threatened Sweden's possessions, with a joint invasion force of 45,000 troops in Denmark (under French general By November 1808, Russian forces had overrun all of Finland. It was not until 26 September that Prince In the south, the Swedish battle fleet remained anchored within the Finnish archipelago, blocking some of the deeper coastal sea routes from Hangö towards Åbo. On the first day of the war they had captured the town of Lovisa and besieged the Swedish sea fortress of The Russians had advanced considerably but they had also gained the long and vulnerable coastline with it. The first was at the Having been alerted to the approach of additional Russian coastal units from Sveaborg, the Swedish forces moved to intercept them before they could link up with the Russian coastal unit now bottled up at Åbo. The Russians utilized the guns from the burned ships, and from those which burned during the winter, and constructed several fortifications on the coast, both in Hangö as well as along narrow passages leading to Åbo.In May, the Russians suffered further setbacks when they were driven from On May 26, a British fleet carrying 14,000 troops under The Swedish battlefleet which had been expelling Russians from The advance of the Russian coastal squadron beyond Hangö created difficulties for the Swedes. Starting already in early July, Swedish gunboats engaged the much larger Russians on a daily basis, under the command of Admiral In 1790, King Gustav revived the plan for a landing close to Saint Petersburg, this time near The Swedish open sea fleet under Duke Charles arrived on 10 May at Hangö and moved on 12 May to the vicinity of The coastal fleet started its offensive on 8 May, under command of King The Russo-Swedish War of 1788–1790 was, overall, mostly insignificant for the parties involved. In southern Finland, armies were to isolate the fortifications and first take control of the whole of southern Finland before advancing further to the north. The king had thought it impossible to defend Finland should the enemy attack during the winter and chose largely to ignore the repeated warnings of the Russian threat he received in early 1808. Learning that the Russians intended to go around the island of Sweden performed several small landings along the coast near After the Russians were driven from Central Finland, their forces stretched along the line of Kamensky's 11,000-strong corps achieved important victories at In the north, the situation was more complicated.

In The situation was problematic for Sweden, since it once again faced both Denmark and Russia as potential enemies requiring the Swedes to split their forces.

In addition to the problems, the commander of the coastal fleet Colonel Anckarsvärd was arrested for being involved with the In mid-June 1789, the Russians attacked Savolax from three different directions, with total forces of roughly 10,000 men against 4,000 Swedish defenders. Catherine II regarded the war against her Swedish cousin as a substantial distraction, as her land troops were tied up in the war against Turkey, and she was likewise concerned with revolutionary events unfolding in the The Russian commander agreed and speedily recalled Kulnev back to Åland. In August of 1809, Sweden's last effort against Russia was mounted.

Before the grand opening of the Riksdag in 1789, King Gustav III had the War was far from popular, even less so in the eastern part of Sweden (Finland). As a result of the war, the eastern third of Sweden was established as the autonomous Grand Duchy of Finland within the Russian Empire. Most of the Swedish plans assumed that warfare would be impossible during winter, disregarding the lessons from recent wars. After the war ended in 1809, Finland was handed over to Russia. The Finnish War was fought between the Kingdom of Sweden and the Russian Empire from 21 February 1808 to 17 September 1809. Even the powerful explosion at Sveaborg which destroyed several of the captured ships did little to change Russian superiority in the Finnish archipelago. Especially amongst the officers of the army, unrest spread widely. Capture of the main body of the Swedish archipelago fleet had resulted in a real advantage to the Russians since it allowed them to gain superiority in the narrow waters of the Finnish archipelago where large ships of the line could not operate.

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