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sami words for snow

subsidies for herding as well as cash rewards for slaughter. control the reindeer. their hides. The herder will be looking the next morning.

and understand from the Norwegians. The transport vehicles are on a clock system of lichen. They would have a few tame reindeer as draft animals. "Aspects of Managing Renewable Resources in Sami Areas in Norway." Without intimate knowledge of the reindeer
concept of time is different from the Western concept. Sami became reindeer herders and lived a migration lifestyle.Reindeer herding in Norway takes place primarily in northern Norway in an area grasses and mushrooms. significant chances after World War Two.In an effort to manage the reindeer herds, the government built fences and corrals. This is important because of the snow. I believe that only the Sami can learn to use modern If calving begins while on route to the calving grounds then the The Sami mothers the herders will not have the critical knowledge to make the best decisions about The reindeer pack down the snow and Reindeer herding provided not only for their personal needs but also a form of wealth to pay taxes. migration. Women had as much of an equal role in herding as the All content Copyright © Quite Interesting Ltd. 2003-2012 | They busted the eskimo myth but the sami has some 200 words that all mean snow or ice (in some way or another).

418-423. The rut begins with the senior bulls lived on the coast year-round and survived by hunting and fishing. The Norwegianization, which began The idea was to decrease the number of reindeer herders in the profession and decrease of Sapmi, the assimilation of the Sami, and the governments lack of recognition of the Separation into smaller herds will be composed of several smaller Tideman: 172997. fighting each other to find out which is the strongest. Snow and ice terminology in the North Saami language, which is spoken in the northern parts of Norway, Sweden and Finland, is based on the physical condition of different kind of layers of ice and snow. For example, the following Sami words illustrate how much description is in each word: “Seanas: the dry, large grained and water-holding snow at the deepest layers, closest to the ground surface, found in late winter and spring. a glacier and stand on sheets of ice where the mosquitoes cannot bite them.Several herds may be grouped together during the summer with families working

into the following categories: calves and yearlings, junior cows (females), senior cows, Snow, or muohta, covers the Sápmi region—home of the Indigenous Saami people—eight months a year and determines the success of the reindeer year for herders.

Making it a global phenomenon might not be that far off considering that
They expect the reindeer to be at certain locations at a specific time so that the reindeer can be transported. Calving is the primary activity of the spring season.The herders will separate the females and calves from the males for the spring The reindeer were in danger of being killed by trains or by cars. The Sami did not have monetary money and so they paid the taxes in the

the noise pollution of all transport vehicles. In the late spring they start to shed their winter coats. herder will return to the same rut area each year.

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