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san marino vs england fastest goal

Gualtieri, who also owns a video of the game, last watched it about six months ago but he is expecting it to get plenty more viewings this week.Now 41 and a computer salesman in San Marino with a lot less hair than he had in 1993, he does not speak any English but, with his wife Caterina translating, I asked him how he became aware of what turned out to be an enduring fame - and a particular popularity with Scotland supporters.Tales that Scottish fans paid for his drinks on a night out when they came over for a European Championship qualifier against San Marino a couple of years later turned out to be an invention, but Gualtieri's brother did benefit from some Caledonian hospitality. "I can laugh about it now because that is a true story. '"His name hasn't stuck in my memory but I can picture the goal as I'm talking to you now.

Goal Record Davide Gualtieri's goal is recorded as being the quickest in World Cup history, (possibly in international history) timed at 8.3 seconds. 78' Goal! [Whistle sounds to start game.]

It is almost 19 years since Davide Gualtieri scored the goal that still has people asking him for his autograph - and left Graham Taylor wondering whether his time as England manager really was cursed.Just 8.3 seconds after San Marino kicked off their World Cup qualifier with England on 17 November 1993, Stuart Pearce's under-hit backpass allowed Gualtieri to nip in and prod the minnows into the most unlikely of leads.

"Even now, some fans from around the world are always coming into my shop with pictures of me and shirts for me to sign. I can see it happening, but I still can't stop it! But, despite only ever being a part-time player, he is a full-time member of footballing folklore, and will stay that way even if his record is eventually broken. On Nov 17, 1993, Davide Gualtieri scored after 8.3 seconds - still the fastest goal in World Cup competition. And Nicola Bacciocchi the number nine picks the ball up straight away and San Marino launch the first attack, oh and a mistake by Stuart Pearce and San Marino have scored. "When I spoke to him this week, Taylor could not remember the name of the player who inflicted on him the final ignominy of his time as national manager, but he did not need reminding that the goal remains the fastest scored in a World Cup match - qualifiers or finals.With for the first meeting between the two nations since, I felt slightly guilty asking Taylor to relive some of the agony it involved - although it clearly hurt him a lot more at the time.Taylor told me: "When the ball went into the net, I looked up towards the sky and just said quietly to myself 'god, please tell me what I have done wrong'.

San Marino 0 England 8 (Della Valla OG, Oxlade-Chamberlain, Defoe 2, ... David Gualtieri’s goal after 8.3 seconds against England in 1993 was the fastest ever goal in the history of the World Cup. They sit in 208th place – below Bhutan, Anguilla and the Cook Islands.

It will be the fifth time the two nations have met - the other four games have been World Cup qualifiers - and England have won each time, scoring a total of 26 goals in the process. "I had dreamt about it but I never thought it would happen. Scotland 6-0 San Marino: John McGinn scores first-half hat-trick in rout Lawrence Shankland, Stuart Findlay score first international goals as Scots move up to fourth in European Qualifiers Group I England’s area covers 50,346 square miles (130,395 kilometres squared). "When I ask him which player he used to compare himself to, Gualtieri describes himself with a laugh as "a poor man's Roberto Baggio". "Taylor resigned six days later. "In fact, it was difficult to stop people telling you what was happening. In the first of only four previous meetings with San Marino, at Wembley in 1992, David Platt scored four goals – and was denied a fifth when he had a penalty saved.

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