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Sikkens Cetol 1,23 system or Cetol Door & Window is what I’d recommend for finishing Sapele. Is there a better finish that would still be food safe, and do I need to sand it again? But this does give a good indication of how Sapele compares to Mahogany as opposed to Rosewood. I would love to keep the finish food safe, but the three or four coats of beeswax I applied is faded and getting dull.
Then I repeated this process with the polyurethane,Hats off to your patience and love to the wood and table you are making.

The Joinery company I’m using has selected Sapele for the job. I’m interested how yours turned out? I would expect you have to resend it before you apply another finish they may not stick to the wax.Odies Oil, plant based, non toxic, food safe, resists water and stains. Is a wood that with such a beautiful grain the right choice for window framing that will just be covered up?No; they’re just racking up the bill on you.Sapele is variable in grain and colour select to suit job in hand I was purchasing QS boards and found one in the racks that was a different that all the others. Tropical (Honduran) Mahogany: 900 lb: African Mahogany: 1,070 lb: Sapele: 1,410 lb: East Indian Rosewood : 2,440 lb: Of course, this hardness isn’t the only thing that determines the sound qualities. Is his bending pipe dirty?

What does it sound like. Here is where Sapele can be most commonly found today: It brings out the wonderful glow of sapele as well. First wood I had problem gluingMedium woods, cedar, not oily, always stick very well. I knew it was going to be absolutely beautiful. The next and final coats were rubbed in using rotten stone powder and olive oil. For approximately two weeks the uninstalled panels were stacked with small sizes on top of larger in a room about twenty feet from the nearest window. Another way … It’s a wood stabilizer and protects against UV.Hard for me to imagine a finish that is not food safe ONCE IT HAS CURED. I love Sapele but it’s a typical mahogany and I don’t think it’ll hold up like Ash or hard Maple that bats are traditionally used and now currently used. It also removes any residue from the milling process where wax or oils may be present from the machines used to shape/cut the material.We put together this write up comparing Sapele vs African Mahogany vs Utile if that might be helpful. The Janka scale is used to determine the relative hardness of particular …
Utile: Janka Hardness 1,180 lbf (5,260 N) For a frame of reference White Oak is 1,350 lb f (5,990 N) while Eastern White Pine has a Hardness of 380 lbf (1,690 N). Light reddish brown to dark brown. They charged the same as the QS because they had no other category. In addition to Because of the increased levels of commercial exploitation, the at a regular pace. Today, it is ranked as I absolutely love it to sawdust and use it for all my decorative pieces. Also, it’s hard to keep crumb free, as the finish is not really smooth. As soon as the timber leaves the kiln it would be exposed to an average air moisture content of above 18% so short of shrink wrapping it is going to absorb between the kiln and retailer/ wholesaler. Will the movement persist and the gaps in jointsHello, I’m a small business owner and I machine out solid wood wind type instruments. I compared boiled linseed oil to danish oil and pure tung oil on some smaller pieces of sapele before choosing boiled linseed oil. However, any of these three oils would have looked great. evergreen, deciduous and transitional zones. Ripping Ash, H Maple and Sapele on the table saw are very much different. The problem seems to be that the wood we have been receiving has been in the 11-13% range, not the 9-10% we believe to be a more correct range. The first couple of coats were done using pumice stone powder to help smooth and fill with olive oil as lubricant. Sapele mahogany should be cleaned with a Trisodium Phosphate Solution before applying any stain. The next step was to rub in an 8-1 mix of amber lac shells and alcohol. My contractor sanded it well before I started applying the wax, but it doesn’t seem smooth any more. I see you posted your question in September, so I imagine you went ahead and finished your door by now. tropical Africa. The next step was to rub in an 8-1 mix of amber lac shells and alcohol. X 87? Wouldn’t come out. I had a 1.5 inch board that had forklift contact stains that went almost all the way to the other side of the board. Didn’t expect it to require so much maintenance.Pretty much any finish is going to be food-safe. After sanding down, the bare sapele looks quite porous, so seems to me a good idea to use grain filler to fill the pores before applying top finish. Today, Sapele is still readily available for purchase at a much cheaper I am still working on the table top. While the large-scale operations of They will be painted.

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