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school earthquake drill

School preparedness requires the participation of administrators, teachers, students, and parents, as well as those who design, build, regulate, and maintain school buildings.

They can be done anytime in the weeks leading up to the ShakeOut drill. Earthquakes strike without warning and life-protecting actions must be taken immediately. Drill Planning Resources. �UkJ�F�Kl�g�(�������� Acknowledgement: Steps for conducting Earthquake Drill in Schools.I would like to extend my sincere thanks to Mr. Navneet Yadav, Er. Phone: 604.850.5207 Fax: 604.850.8619 Email Us » ��c�śo�ń���ě KbK���|�:��NJ)σ0�礕QF,~��wj���ST�v�O�g��Ak�p��I:�o:�t��_�i�RiP ��b��*IQ�?����_�.�X�i 8ih"5�E�c��T���B6֯�����>F�"��"ʂXb/N�h�$��$5�R8���p���h��\�8"�e��,`+.~���x�Ý�j�ͼU��f�L���ݕ!�R�?3O��S�:唟-C�tʞNʢ@f� �Hp���d��vB{�`�Xй?�RJq�$��.�Yl�bVn���a~�����Pq2E��hR�E�t�sSW�xڊ���f7���q�$d>����X��e4��g�b.�-���^��Y��&7XbyH�Бբ�К ��L�t=�>�Z�(22-�� Each activity should last approximately half an hour and can be used in classrooms, museums, and other educational settings. Before the Next Earthquake. x��[[o�F~��0�&-l�3���|I�.�H��m���ȲCR����;3Cr(QQ� |#gΜ�utq]�ժX�����m��C��^�?=�~q��\^�T��m�VO۫+qsw+n�_��x+� Ԛ�X9���md.�����A�z�Y4h��roS��R�h�x[�FJ=�l�( ��b�Nf g4庋4� V�ҘHc��Uzم/��Wi㥌ӵ�Jf��z��v��ݴ{K��iv�Y��U��N��ȳ*&Ъz|�� Vz������+i��c�1NFqh���07�s�ء��t /��l�V�h��z�d��Þ��n�Y���|q~bp�T���f� �|����&=]�T>"}��%�c���)�&�>�n� t� �n���=n���!��V�:9C)]��Vl���X�K�SA��s��|�����#��KO�3��:�7f��Xw)��(D�".e��i8�;K�h�N4�s[S����8���K?ė.�1�����S���#Q��R��='}��:�Bv�R35T�̞�ᢍ|y:��M �w9� �.����Zqs�u���wT�T���gV����F]Z�^[U"qeadPz4�B%��4�;#�MY�̺DŖ�_KW�����k܁P�!5��8t|45Ђ�(��\v��IG��n��E��X�Up��1�+X;;� <> Sunil Dhiman (Pics Credit too) and Mr. Amit Gautam who have been instrumental in promoting the School Safety initiatives in the Himachal Pradesh state and taking this effort to a next level. The conduct of an earthquake drill requires planning and designing of evacuation procedure, thus the school administrators and staff did a thorough preparation for the said activity. 3 0 obj 5 grand prize winners will be selected based on documentation uploaded to the Rocket Rules website (including a video of the dance).Each student that participates will receive a free copy of "Rocket's Earthquake Safety Adventure" story book and a certificate of completion ; educators will receive a Rocket Rules banner for their classroom or expanded learning program; 5 grand prize winners will receive $500 for a field trip bus or playground equipment!These activities are designed to increase student knowledge about earthquake science and preparedness.
The lesson plans and activities are organized by grade but they can be adapted for most grade levels.There are many things schools and districts can do to evaluate and increase their earthquake preparedness before the ShakeOut. ShakeOut Drill Manual for K-12 Schools (PDF) This document describes four levels of drills; pick the drill level that makes the most sense for your school or district. <>>> ���c�d����p)�T�����5�,��u�t�ߒ�Nȿ[��k8h�)��!9(E��Um�������F�Ū�F�(Y�*,j�5A��M@`����Ϫ�|C�zI Ľ�S�,�����x@�lYa>���)NR���Q|6�6 ��_��k�{�H^���2�����2�(���P�wW皞��̳�핌��mzu]��h)���,� ���W�\���2M��J�+)��)��{��aVb���X�S^V"�x0ƾ�0s$V����P'�A����7����:�-�6О�#ڑ��k�� ��Tn6�J�{�:M���ݨp!�r~�\�+�jH&�oO�1�;R�!NSʴ�D��CE% =�WpJ�52���F��>����e�YK�#���:�oeh�(�a'����9��T�ܸ����Mf6�z9��Tt�ԇr:���s�������x�� ��v�r*�C�aY�A$y�L�J&V&�g��A!

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