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scrapp deleon and tommie fight

Karen KK King went on the run for a year! Scrapp doesn’t claim this broke ass hoe!” she said.Karlie reveals to Tommie that she tried to tell her when they were at the coffee shop, but she wasn’t trying to hear it. He never fucked with you, and he not even claiming you,” Karlie responds.But Tommie couldn’t give any less of a fuck about who Scrapp isn’t claiming because she’s got Stevie for leverage, and she brags to Karlie that she will never even spend a second with Stevie in the studio because she’s too “wack” and has “always been.”Karlie then makes a comment about Tommie looking like a fake ass wallaby, and Tommie leaps over the table in an attempt to grab Karlie, who acts like she isn’t scared, but judging by how fast she moved back to let security protect her, she seemed pretty shook up.Tommie ends their altercation by tossing a pair of shades at Karlie’s chest as she’s being carried out by security. Karlie retrieves the glasses and tries to throw them back at Tommie and completely misses.“Say my name, bitch. "Some people act different when the camera is on and when cameras is off," he told Tiff. Scrapp DeLeon is a rapper. "Me, personally, I was the same the whole way throughout the ordeal, but people change. She should be used to that by now. Scrapp spent his Easter weekend partnering with T.I. Most of the storylines for Lee on Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta revolved around her and Scrapp DeLeon’s volatile relationship.

"To be honest, I want to have multiple wives,' he shared.On the VH1 series, Scrapp has been involved in a love triangle with Tommie Lee and Tiarra as well as a brief dalliance with Moniece Slaughter. Either Tommie (aka Atasha Jefferson) is using Love & Hip Hop Atlanta as a platform to hone her skills as an actress or she really is a nutso, or hell, maybe both. Then when Scrapp calls her bluff, she breaks down into typical Tommie Tears before jumping on Scrapp again after he calls her “pathetic.”Later in the episode, Tommie pops up at “middle aged thot” Karlie’s job at the Playboy radio station and confronts her for fooling around with Scrapp behind her back.In her personal interview, Karlie admits that she was tempted to come clean to Tommie, but she decided not to. When asked about the seriousness of his relationship with Moniece, Scrapp said they're just friends who were enjoying some benefits. He rose to fame at a young age as a member of the rap group Da Razkalz Cru, with his brother Sas and his cousin Dolla. I think she’s really mad at the fact that he cheated on her with Karlie Redd.“You wanna play me with Karlie mother fucking Redd … an old ass hoe with worms?! Write CSS OR LESS and hit save. Get to know me, bitch,” Tommie yells to Karlie as she’s being escorted out.© 2020 Gossip On This LLC. Lee also had feuds with other cast members like Joseline Hernandez. “Your man, he don’t fuck with you.

"While he's currently enjoying the single life, Scrapp shared that when he does finally decide to settle down, it most likely will not be a monogamous union. Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta star Scrapp Deleon has revealed that he would like to have multiple wives. A member of He’s telling no lies here.It takes a few seconds (a bit longer than usual, WTF?) Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta star Scrapp Deleon has revealed that he would like to have multiple wives.The rapper revealed his desires during a segment of Brunch With Tiffany's with host Tiffany Pollard.Viewers were likely not surprised. ?” Tommie shouts. Trivia. and gets all up in his face, asking him about the receipt.He tells her to sit down and relax, and she does. Feeling played, once again, Tommie busts up in Scrapp’s apartment for the umpteenth time (Why does he even answer the door for her at this point?) Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta recurring cast member beginning in season 5 who became the manager for his brother SAS to attempt to reestablish him as a solo recording artist.. Before Fame. “I thought about it, and I was like, ‘For what? They have watched Scrapp's rocky relationships over the years, as he tries to keep his head down and stay out of trouble, but his weakness has always been the ladies. to post bail for 23 non-violent offenders, but he took some time out to chat with the Domenick Nati Show about his ties to Moniece and Tommie.

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